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Healthplix Eases Digital Prescriptions, Ensures NMC Compliance

On August 3, the National Medical Council(NMC) issued a countrywide notification requiring all Registered Medical Professionals (RMPs) to write medication prescriptions with a clear emphasis on generic medicines and many other important guidelines like systematic medical record-keeping, generating legible Rx, etc. 

Notably, the HealthPlix platform empowers doctors to comply with new NMC regulations. While saving time and effort, our cutting-edge digital technology streamlines the prescription process and ensures compliance with NMC rules. The era of manual record-keeping and paper prescriptions is over. Registered Medical Practitioners today need to adopt digital platforms like HealthPlix that streamline doctors’ patient relationships, record keeping, and comply with necessary regulations.

How HealthPlix Ensures NMC Compliance?

HealthPlix is India’s only doctor-first company that enables doctors to become compliant with new NMC regulations. 

As India’s largest EMR platform, the company solves fundamental patient health record-keeping needs. Additionally, with HealthPlix, doctors on our platform have the dual option to prescribe branded medicines along with generic names when writing prescriptions. It gives doctors much-needed flexibility and ensures patient safety. 

Today, with a few clicks on HealthPlix EMR, doctors can generate prescriptions that fully comply with the regulations underlying HealthPlix’s commitment to supporting doctors with cutting-edge solutions that align seamlessly with evolving industry standards. 

Furthermore, doctors who still rely on traditional manual prescribing methods may find it challenging to conform to the NMC’s new norms. For instance, the NMC emphasizes legibility in prescriptions, preferably in capital letters to prevent misinterpretation. Additionally, the guidelines advocate for typed and printed prescriptions to minimize errors. The task of manually writing prescriptions in capital letters can be time-consuming and error-prone. 

HealthPlix’s EMR platform mitigates this concern by enabling doctors to generate digital prescriptions that swiftly ensure compliance with the guidelines. By offering a platform that seamlessly aligns with the NMC guidelines, HealthPlix reaffirms its core principle of prioritizing doctors and simplifying healthcare practices.

Benefits Of Healthplix EMR

Keeping up with the constantly changing NMC requirements makes the procedure even more complex and detracts from patient care. A doctor’s workflow should be digitized for the following reasons:

  • Increased speed and accuracy in record-keeping: The Healthplix EMR almost eliminates the possibility of lost or illegible handwriting and ensures precise record-keeping for every patient. Electronic patient data collection and organization increases patient safety and gives a thorough picture of their medical history.
  • Improved communication and teamwork: With integrated messaging capabilities and the capacity to communicate reports, test findings, and treatment plans, the whole care team remains in touch, resulting in greater coordination and better patient outcomes.
  • Robust data security and compliance: Healthplix EMR’s strong security features, which include encrypted data storage and role-based access restrictions, guarantee that patient information is secured.

Wrapping Up

Visit our website and request a demo to learn more about Healthplix EMR and how it can utilize data-driven insights. Improve patient outcomes by using digital technology. Bid the complications of conventional prescriptions farewell with HealthPlix, and usher in a compliant future.

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