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India’s most preferred and easy-to-use practice management and online consultation software for doctors.

It’s as easy to use as Whatsapp. As long as you can operate your Smartphone and computer device for regular use, you will find the HealthPlix EMR very user-friendly. Our support team guides you through the initial usage and is always available for any assistance you might need.

HealthPlix EMR helps doctors automate patients’ appointments, create and share Electronic Medical Records (EMR), manage online consultations, improve patient retention, and grow their practice.

Yes, you can access HealthPlix EMR from anywhere, as long as you have connectivity.

No. There are no additional requirements for any hardware to use the HealthPlix EMR from your electronic devices such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

You can use the EMR service almost as soon as you register on the platform and take you to practice online.

The HealthPlix EMR is quite self-explanatory. However, we recommend quick training conducted by the HealthPlix team to help you get started within 24 hours of registering on the EMR platform.

Your data is completely safe with HealthPlix. The EMR software uses the industry’s best standard AES 256-bit encryption to ensure data privacy. All the access to patient information, records, and data strictly remains with the respective doctors only.

Yes! You can schedule a demo session to understand how HealthPlix EMR for the clinic can be used to optimize your practice. You can join our webinar for an interactive session. Based on your comfort level, you can first try it out and then use it for all your consultations.

Yes! You can easily write Rx on your customized letterhead with all the details you want to showcase on your letterhead. You can share it with your patient via SMS/WhatsApp/ Email within 30 seconds.

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