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The Advantages of Digital Healthcare Over Traditional Healthcare

India has shown quite the pace in adopting and embracing digital solutions across all industries. In fact, according to the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the market for digital healthcare in India is predicted to rise to $485.43 billion by 2024.

The numbers speak for themselves: it stands to reason that digital healthcare has more to offer doctors and patients than meets the eye.

So, how exactly does digital healthcare trump traditional healthcare? And where does healthcare software for doctors fit into the scenario?

Let’s find out how robust EMR software can truly transform digital healthcare in our country.

Understanding the Scope of Digital Healthcare

To be defined very broadly, digital healthcare in India refers to the use of technologies to enhance healthcare delivery and improve patient experience. India is now on the road to leading the MedTech industry globally, as the industry is estimated to reach a value of $50 billion by 2025.

Several government initiatives exist today to help the healthcare industry adopt and assimilate technology into their workflows:

  • National Digital Health Mission
  • Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission
  • Health Data Management Policy
  • ABDM Sandbox
  • Unified Health Interface
  • MedTech Expo 2023
Traditional Healthcare

Needless to say, there is enough incentive to digitise healthcare practices to enhance the efficiency, organisation and delivery of services to patients. There are several capabilities that software for doctors enable in digital healthcare:

  • Telemedicine
  • mHealth
  • Medical virtual assistants
  • Electronic recordkeeping
  • Blockchain in healthcare

Digital healthcare can fill the gap with innovative solutions when traditional healthcare practices fall short. Let’s dig deeper.

How Is Digital Healthcare Better than Traditional Healthcare?

Rather than saying that digital healthcare is a nemesis of traditional methods, it is more apt to say that digital healthcare is a cultural transformation of traditional healthcare systems. This transformation is more efficient and helps address the contemporary world’s challenges.

After the pandemic shut down the nation in 2020, traditional healthcare systems faced extreme pressure and load and were inadequate to cater to patients’ needs. Digital solutions came to the rescue, empowering healthcare professionals and caregivers with the necessary tools to ensure care delivery to those in need.


Digital solutions have made healthcare accessible – even for those who live in remote areas. Statistics show that the distribution of healthcare in India is extremely disparate, with 75% of the healthcare concentrated over only 28% of the Indian population.

By using telemedicine, virtual consultations, EMR/EHR and portable diagnostics, healthcare delivery has been made possible even in the low-tier locations of India.


There is no doubt that the healthcare industry in India is grossly understaffed. Compared to WHO’s requirements of 1:1,000 in doctor-patient ratio and 1:300 in nurse-patient ratio, India stands at 1:1,511 and 1:670, respectively.

According to a KPMG report, the shortages are notably more pronounced for nurses than doctors, leading to a significant imbalance in the skill composition of medical professionals. Fortunately, technology can fill in the gap. Healthcare providers can address staffing shortages, enhance staff support, and decrease turnover rates by implementing Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Recordkeeping and Prescriptions

Skimming through a patient’s medical history when stored in paper-based documents is extremely inefficient and time-consuming. Whether prescription, test reports, diagnostics, etc. – paper-based records are prone to loss and destruction, theft and misuse. This is where digital solutions step in and truly change the game.

Using Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records (EMR/EHR), doctors can quickly access accurate records of any patient within seconds, greatly reducing the time required for the whole process. Additionally, EMR can provide the right medical context to the doctor for creating accurate patient prescriptions and dosages. These prescriptions can then be sent to the patient over any electronic channel.

How Can Healthplix Make Healthcare Delivery More Efficient for Doctors in India?

Healthplix EMR is the pioneer of digital healthcare in India. Its AI-backed capabilities provide clinicians and doctors with a robust toolset to empower them with efficiency, accuracy and speed.

Healthplix provides a wide set of features that doctors can readily assimilate into their practice:


By leveraging the power of EMR, Healthplix enables doctors to generate accurate prescriptions within 30 seconds. The AI algorithms consider the patient’s medical history and deliver those insights to the doctor to help generate accurate prescriptions.

These prescriptions can then be directly shared with the patient over digital channels.

Online Consultations

Regular hospital visits can be costly, especially in rural areas where travel expenses are a concern. Utilising telemedicine services, such as video conferencing with healthcare professionals, can reduce the frequency of these visits. This not only saves time for both patients and healthcare providers but also facilitates early diagnosis through convenient consultations.

Furthermore, telemedicine’s efficiency benefits can streamline hospital and clinic operations, making it easier to monitor discharged patients and support their recovery. Healthplix facilitates telehealth practices through its robust platform.

Specialty-Specific Modules

Each speciality in medicine has its own set of protocols, procedures, drugs, and nuances. Healthplix enables doctors to keep things separate and organised by providing speciality-specific modules. It also helps enhance collaboration-based treatment and reduce the time required in cross-departmental or cross-specialty consultations.

All of these conveniences are made available to doctors with a promise of full security using military-grade 256-AES bit encryptions.

Wrapping Up

Digital health is not the flipside of traditional health; it is the next version of healthcare. It is enhanced with speed, accuracy, reach, and mobilisation capability over the traditional method. The future of healthcare is digital, and Healthplix can help you embrace it.

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