Our vision is to drive Better Health Outcomes at Population level!

At the center of every digital healthcare service is a software system. For India to become a global leader in healthcare, it must provide access to high quality cost-effective software systems 

Our software is developed to help doctors simplify their workflow, write reports faster and improve efficiency. We want our users(doctors) to spend as much time as possible with patients and less time on accounting or notes, paperwork etc. 

AI powered EMR for doctors!

Founded in 2014, we are the first health-tech startup to take a ‘Doctor-first approach’

Passionate about empowering healthcare professionals, and increasingly – doctors – who can make the right healthcare decisions using the convenience of a software customized for them.

Through our assistive-AI powered EMR software, we enable doctors to drive better health outcomes for their patients by providing clinical decision support at the point of care.

Why HealthPlix?

  1. HealthPlix puts Doctors first. Trusted by 10000+ doctors
  2. High on productivity with prescription (RX) written in 30-45sec ; enabling doctors to give quality time for their patients
  3. Deeply rooted and localized with support in 14 languages
  4. High on doctor stickiness – our product provides flexibility and quickly adapts to doctors working environment
  5. Holistic digitization of doctors practice and journey
  6. In-Clinic and Tele-consultation capabilities – in person and online consultations can be seamlessly done across the same pool of patients.

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A real-world use case

A doctor on HealthPlix succeeded in catering to over 15000 covid patients from all parts of a
state with a recovery rate of 95-98%. With the adoption of HealthPlix EMR and its robust
software capabilities, his clinic was able to treat more than 500 patients a day at peak!

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HealthPlix EMR, the largest, most trusted brand used by doctors across India is as easy to use as whatsapp.

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