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Women’s Health: This is what happens to women after the age of 35 .. Be careful ..

Dr. Nalini Bagul, MD, DGO, Masters in Laparoscopy (Europe), Masters in IVF (London) a doctor from the HealthPlix platform shares her views on the topic “Vitamins You Need as You Age”

Tips for parents to stimulate child’s development during early years

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Shalini Prasad, MBBS, DCH, DNB – PEDIA and a senior pediatrician on the HealthPlix platform suggested that the most ideal way is to effectively engage your child….

Past history is necessary in the treatment of diabetes and high blood pressure| Dr. Rahul Doshi

Dr. Rahul Doshi a doctor on HealthPlix platform shares his views on ‘Addressing the Challenges Faced by Doctors with the Help of Electronic Medical Records’.

Doctors riding the wave of telemedicine

On the eve of Doctors Day, Dr. Manish Lashkare, Consultant Physician, shares why the HealthPlix platform is a clinician’s best friend. 

Thoughts on how EMR leads to better patient engagement and clinical outcomes

A doctor using HealthPlix platform elaborates on why leveraging Electronic Medical Records leads to better patient engagement and clinical outcomes.

A viewpoint on addressing challenges with the help of EMR

A doctor using HealthPlix platform explains how he is addressing challenges with the help of Electronic Medical Records.

An expert busts 5 myths around cancer care and treatment

A senior oncologist on HealthPlix platform Dr. Sandeep Nemani, MD, DM (Haematology), BMT Physician busts the myths and facts about cancer on World Cancer Day – 2022

Driving health literacy in rural Bihar

An interesting story of an Endocrinologist practising in Patna who has made it his mission to improve health literacy in the rural areas of his Bihar

Meet the Real-Life Hero of West Champaran, Dr. Rashid Azim Who is Providing Free Consultations and Meals to the Needy

The curious case of Dr. Rashid Azim – A General Physician with two decades of experience and who is on a mission to serve the needy.

Understand from Health experts how to listen to your body and be healthy

A doctor from HealthPlix platform shares her viewpoint on the topic of “International Women’s Health Day”

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