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The Good Doctor at HealthPlix

Fortune India – the premier business magazine read by thought leaders across industries recognizes HealthPlix CEO amongst Top 40 Business Leaders in India

Fast Tracking Healthtech

BusinessWorld one of the top 5 business magazines in India featurs Mr. Sandeep Gudibanda, CEO, HealthPlix highlighting how HealthPlix is “solely intended to address the healthcare needs of India’s underserved doctor community and fast tracking health-tech”

Reimagining connected healthcare ecosystem through 3 effective uses of EMR

With the evolution of chipset going deeper and beyond our imagination, Healthcare is one of the industries to embrace it with ease. Given the skyrocket growth over the years, understanding the importance of a connected healthcare ecosystem is crucial.

Prashant Parmar – Head Sales & User Growth pens down an awesome opinion piece on “Reimagining connected healthcare ecosystem through 3 effective uses of EMR”

HealthPlix releases “EMR on Mobile” bridging digital divide between Bharat and Doctors

HealthPlix Technologies, announces “EMR on Mobile” . HealthPlix’s “EMR on mobile” is free to use with no entry barrier, ensuring better care delivery in the most remote areas of Bharat. The company’s goal is to bridge the gap in healthcare access across the country by enabling the use of a mobile friendly EMR to effectively treat and connect with patients. The “EMR on mobile” is built on the same architecture as the company’s flagship AI-powered desktop EMR.

There is a dire need of digitization of healthcare services in an emerging economy like India!

Sandeep Gudibanda, CEO and CoFounder of HealthPlix, was featured in the November issue of the magazine in an interview headlined “There is a pressing need for digitalization of healthcare services in an emerging economy like India”

Accelerating efforts to tackle T2DM with technology

An opinion piece by Prashant Parmar, Head Doctor Growth, HealthPlix highlighting health tech start-ups like HealthPlix have become game changers in the better treatment of chronic diseases like diabetes!

India’s HealthPlix raises $13.5 million to help doctors treat patients more efficiently

HealthPlix, a Bangalore-based startup, believes it can help doctors serve these patients more efficiently with the limited time they have. The startup has developed a software for doctors that helps them in a methodical template. The software has a knowledge base that is making a determination of all the other factors that a doctor needs to assess as they treat the patient.

These 8 health-tech startups raised funding amid coronavirus to provide healthcare services

An estimated 4,800 healthtech startups are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to help fight the coronavirus pandemic. HealthPlix is one of those who managed to grab marquee investor attention despite the bleak scenario.

Exploring the potential of electronic medical records: data analytics in healthcare

An opinion piece by Sandeep Gudibanda, CEO – HealthPlix Technologies emphasizing on why doctors need to be educated about the benefits of data analytics and the related sources such as EMR, to make healthcare accessible, affordable, and efficient

Technology helped this doctor and his team treat 20,000 Covid-19 patients

In a wartime situation like COVID-19, a doctor from Maharashtra succeeded in catering to over 15000 covid patients from all parts of a state with a recovery rate of 95-98% using HealthPlix EMR

How a Bengaluru based Health-tech Startup HealthPlix Is Leveraging AI and ML

Sandeep Gudibanda, Co-founder at HealthPlix, explains the technology behind its assistive artificial intelligence-powered EMR software.

Health-tech start-up HealthPlix Technologies has raised $13.5 million as part of its ongoing Series B funding led by Lightspeed, with participation from existing investors JSW Ventures, Kalaari and Chiratae.

HealthPlix plans to grow five times by expanding the doctor base in existing geographies, adding new towns and medicine specialties and bolstering its team and product

HealthPlix lands $13.5 million funding led by Lightspeed

HealthPlix provides Electronic Medical Record software to medical practitioners. It also gives them clinical decision support and generates e-prescriptions

Top Healthtech Startups To Look Out For In 2019

HealthPlix features in the top startups to watch out for in 2019 from industries such as agritech, AI, logistics, healthtech, and more.

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