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Empowering Dr Krishna V Patil and 12,400+ doctors to Serve More Patients with EMR

Experience 24/7 Accessibility with HealthPlix EMR,Even without Internet

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Dr. Krishna Patil
EMR 3.0 - No internet

Ready-to-use EMR with customizable prescription pad

Offline EMR, write Rx without network connectivity

Access clinic performance insights with our Robin Analytics Dashboard

Practice Insights research ready clinical data analytics

AI-powered Drug-to-Drug Interaction alert

Digitize patient report with Smart Scan OCR

Power your digital practice
with AI

HealthPlix AI manages the appointments and checked-in patients

Automate patient engagement through in-built features to address crucial parts of diagnosis

You will get ‘Warning’ alerts when giving a combinational medicine to a patient

Early prediction to notify you if a prescribed medicine can be allergic to a patient

Actionable Intelligence for making upgrades by understanding patient personas

Compare and analyse patient visit trends to retain and achieve in-clinic success

Privacy Policy - EMR
Data Privacy

What happens in your Clinic, Stays in your Clinic

When patients book an appointment from the HealthPlix Patient app, the patient is linked only to you. That’s the reason HealthPlix is the most trusted Health Tech Brand among doctors in India.

Military-Grade 256-AES bit encryption

Your sensitive personal information is not shared with any third party

Your patients are linked only to you

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