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Announcements & Updates

Take a look at our latest event highlights

2022 has been a ROCK-SOLID year for HealthPlix!

In 2022, we demonstrated that inventing for the doctor community is at the heart of everything we do. Hope and Trust are the ingredients for something exceptional in 2023.

Healthplix launches interactive ‘Drug-Drug Interaction’ feature to assist doctors

DDI is an intuitive feature that sits on the HealthPlix EMR to help doctors recall molecule-to-molecule interactions at the time of care.

HealthPlix launches SmartScan to digitise patient lab reports leveraging AI-OCR

A feature that automatically scans patient lab reports, structures health vitals and populates them on the EMR platform for doctors.

HealthPlix strengthens its leadership team with two tech entrepreneurs

The appointments are in line with the company’s growth strategy which entails bringing in seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences to lead the company’s healthcare e-commerce vertical and Product portfolio.

HealthPlix and Mrida Education & Welfare Society collaborate to transform the lives of tribal children

India’s trusted doctor-first brand HealthPlix Technologies collaborates with Mrida Education & Welfare Society to support girl child education and motivate young girls to take up sports as a career. 

HealthPlix achieves 20mn+ patients mark, consultation with Diabetologists top the charts

HealthPlix has played a pivotal role in India’s healthcare industry by managing patient engagement for doctors during the pandemic and beyond. 

HealthPlix releases easy to use “EMR on Mobile” to bridge digital divide between Bharat and Doctors

India’s fastest growing SaaS platform for doctors – HealthPlix releases mobile version of its AI-powered EMR….

HealthPlix welcomes the move by Govt. of India to celebrate “National StartUp Day”

We thank our honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi for recognizing the spirit of entrepreneurship!….

HealthPlix Technologies appoints Gaurav Mathur as Head of Engineering

Hires ex Byju’s & Flipkart Technology Lead to ramp up engineering efforts at the startup

NASSCOM recognizes HealthPlix among the top ‘League of 10’ companies’2021

HealthPlix Technologies, the leading SaaS platform for doctors in India, today announced that it has….

HealthPlix Hits 10,000 Monthly Active Users

HealthPlix races to hit 10k MAU with pandemic fuelled multi-dimensional strategy.

HealthPlix launches India’s first AI-led Insights Dashboard for doctors – ROBIN

The dashboard provides doctors with a quick summary of patient demographics; a view of comparison….

HealthPlix launches India’s first prescription summary dashboard for doctors in India

Doctors are now able to analyse their historical prescriptions within a few clicks enabling them….

HealthPlix - The Rocketship

Corporate Updates

HealthPlix Year in Review – 2021

We believe 2022 will be a golden year for the Indian healthcare system. HealthPlix is solely focused on empowering the doctor community! Perhaps there is no other community that requires more resources than ever before.

In 2021 a whole new generation of Plixians have emerged and acting as the fuel for the industry. Below is a glimpse of some of our achievements in 2021 with more to come!!!

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