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Your trusted One-Stop
Health Management App

Upload Medical Records| Schedule Appointments|
Monitor Vitals

HealthPlix Patient App, Your Personal Companion

Manage your Digital Medical Records
at one place

Quick Uploading of Lab Test Reports

Get your lab reports uploaded for easy access

Instant Access to Precriptions

View and manage your digital prescriptions

Instant syncing of your past medical records

Easily access past prescriptions and lab reports

Book Follow-up Appointment
with doctors

Quick Scheduling

Consult your preferred doctors whenever it’s convenient for you

Reminders & Notification

Get alerts to ensure you never miss an appointment

Manage Appointments

Easily reschedule or cancel with a few taps

Track all your vitals
BP, Sugar, Pulse, etc.

Take charge of your well-being, anytime, anywhere.

Effortlessly monitor height, weight, BP, sugar, etc levels on the go. Simplifying health management for a healthier you.

Download It Now

Empowering your health journey with instant doctor access, secure medical records management, and personalized care, right from your smartphone.

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