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Empowering Gynaecologists Digitize Their Practice

Made with a ‘Doctor-First’ approach towards delivering seamless consultation for improved female health outcome

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Why do leading Gynaecologists trust HealthPlix?

LMP & EDD on visit pad for the specific needs of the Gynae Module

Auto calculation of EDD

Easy-to-use features for day-to-day clinic management & consultations

Test Templates based on the Trimester

Case Sheets for Gynae & Fertility

Standard OBGY test template  for tests such as OGT, D-Dimer, Uric Acid, Urine Albumin, Pap smear, ANC, and AMH

Here’s what our top Gynaecologists have to say

How can EMR benefit your practice?

See more patients within the same OPD time

Build a stronger doctor-patient relationship

Experience a better work-life balance

Share Rx in 14 regional languages

Increase your online patient visits and clinic footfall

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