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Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Launch of Offline EMR for Doctors in India

In an era where technology has revolutionized various industries, healthcare is no exception. HealthPlix is proud to launch its Offline EMR (Electronic Medical Record), aimed at simplifying doctors’ practice.  

This game changer ensures that doctors can seamlessly continue their work, even in the absence of reliable internet connectivity. One of the key highlights of HealthPlix Offline EMR is its ability to operate 24/7, irrespective of internet availability

Why did we Launch Offline EMR?

HealthPlix is presently being used by 12,000+ doctors across 300 Indian cities. The feedback from these doctors has been that they  love HealthPlix EMR but struggle with unstable clinic internet. Offline EMR triumphs over this challenge and will expedite the EMR adoption in India

By removing barriers related to connectivity, more doctors can embrace this digital transformation, leading to improved healthcare outcomes and streamlined medical practices.

Key Highlights of This Release

Use EMR even without Internet: Allows doctors to access patient records and write prescriptions on the EMR offline, eliminating the need for internet dependency.

Zero Data Loss: The application functions seamlessly offline and syncs data with the cloud upon internet connection, ensuring zero data loss

Helping Doctors see More Patients: The offline EMR brings substantial productivity enhancement functionalities, allowing doctors to efficiently handle a larger patient load. With seamless connectivity and advanced features, doctors can now see at least 10% more patients daily.

With this innovative solution, HealthPlix reinforces its commitment to transforming healthcare through technology, ultimately benefiting both medical professionals and patients alike. We have doubled out product and engineering team in 2023 and are fully ready to launch more such breakthrough innovative products in the next 6-12 months 

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