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HealthPlix integrates NewRelic for 24/7 system health monitoring, ensuring seamless doctor services

The adoption of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has grown in India, serving as an efficient and secure method for digitizing patient health records. This growth can be attributed to various factors such as enhanced patient care, systematic recording keeping and driving quality health outcomes. Doctors particularly benefit from EMR by enhancing patient care, minimizing paperwork, and increasing data accessibility.


Increasingly it is becoming crucial for doctors to have access to a dependable EMR platform that fosters productivity. A reliable EMR platform employs technologies to optimize performance and enhance the user experience.


Introducing – New Relic a cloud-based monitoring and analytics platform designed for modern software applications. The NewRelic software provides an end-to-end visibility into the performance, health, and usage of web, mobile, and cloud-based EMR platforms like HealthPlix


NewRelic helps create an easy working environment for you while background issues are managed by us. For example, NewRelic integration shares valuable platform performance metrics with HealthPlix, highlighting any slow-performing features such as patient search, medicine search etc. HealthPlix uses these insights to implement advanced technology solutions in the background, while you can focus on consulting with your patients. All platform doctors today stand to benefit from this technology upgrade. 


HealthPlix powered by New Relic provides real-time visibility into the performance of your platform. From monitoring to performance, NewRelic is helping us on a daily basis to serve you better. You would be happy to know that you are already using an optimized EMR platform!


Welcome doctors, to the modern and intelligent HealthPlix platform. 


Happy Consulting!
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