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Playwright web automation platform is now integrated into HealthPlix

If you’re a doctor and you’re choosing or have already chosen an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software for your practice, you’re probably excited about the benefits of using technology. It’s important to have a digital presence, especially if you plan to open multiple clinics in the same city and need reliable software to provide services in all of them.

HealthPlix is a modern EMR software that works on the web and mobile devices. It helps doctors improve their online presence and manage their practice more efficiently. They have integrated with Microsoft’s Playwright, which brings automation to their platform.

Since 2016, HealthPlix has grown to become a comprehensive EMR platform with many useful features. It helps doctors in various fields and workflows, and it connects different features together. To make sure that the platform works well for doctors, HealthPlix has implemented a modern architecture supported by Microsoft’s Playwright. This allows doctors to access the platform from any device or browser, making their experience better.

With this automation, HealthPlix can make sure that their software performs well and that doctors have a smooth experience using it. They can even identify and solve problems before the doctors even notice them. The Playwright automation software is also useful for testing the software under different network conditions.

Today, more than 10,000 doctors trust HealthPlix. The company’s choice to use Microsoft-backed Playwright for automated testing has proven to be fast and effective compared to other options.

“With Playwright, we can run a huge number of tests in a relatively short timespan. Playwright has nearly tripled our testing capacity and reduced this process from two days to two hours. This has enabled us to bring our product to market faster, benefiting doctors on the platform. The bigger gain has been in terms of predictable performance across web and mobile by ensuring full feature testing coverage helping doctors carry out their practice on the platform without hassle.” – Rahul Gupta, Director of Engineering, HealthPlix

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