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Translating vision into sales and Argha’s world of 2 E’s

There’s no one answer to this question, as it’s a matter of personal choice and depends on what keeps you going. Luck by chance meetings happen to us every now and then, but how many times do we leverage them? If you are thinking that you never got a chance to graduate from one of the IIT’s or IIM’s to be a star at work, then read this blog. It will provide you with insights into the three basic principles that can keep you going in your professional journey.

This is a story of Argha – the Plixian who doesn’t have a jazzy degree from IIT’s or IIM’s but yet is STAR Plixian at HealthPlix. Argha has traveled 80% of India and believes that these diverse experiences gives him a lot of room to think and experiment and excel at work as well as personally. 

Argha after his MBA(from a known management institute in Delhi) entered into the world of electronics brands as a Product Trainer. His stint at SONY began as a product trainer where he got first hand experience on a range of products. He was working at SONY in an era where walkmans and their manual camera’s ruled our lives and the nostalgia behind owning a SONY product was a dream for many. 

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Argha joins HealthPlix at a time when the whole world was reeling from the effects of the pandemic. He takes charge as Lead of Training & Development to train professionals on how to sell software to a unique audience like a doctor. He has his set of learnings as this job at HealthPlix. Initial months go in adjusting to multiple challenges of virtual training, to in-person training and to teaching the sales professional on how to approach someone like a doctor. Doctors in India are extremely sensitive given the nature of their job. In other words, selling to them is the same as putting toothpaste back in the tube.

Today, at HealthPlix Argha is known as one of the finest business managers who understands when to change gears and serve the company. By now Argha has grown on to be one of the finest training & development (T&D) leaders in the country with more than 10000+ sales personnel training experience under his belt. When asked on what is takes to be a successful sales professional he says

I follow these 3 basic principles and have always relied on it

  • As a sales professional, it doesn’t matter which company you’re working for, having the conviction and being sold to the vision is essential 
  • A sales professional should always be able to surprise your customers with a surprise sales pitch
  • Finally, whenever the customer is at the verge of making a decision at the moment of the truth – give a simple and honest advice in a layman language and let magic happen! 

On a personal level, when Argha is connecting with his team mates and allowing them to grow he firmly believes in the modus operandi of 3+1

KRA’s. He goes on to say “Do the 3 key things central to your KRA for over 3 months consistently(repeat the cycle) and +1 related to that one strategic initiative you want to put your heart out and drive it!”

Some of the Plixians call the above the Argha’s playbook of enabling sales professionals to excel. Argha strongly recalls how one of the leadership team members Prashant Parmar is someone who surprises him regularly with that one question that is unplanned! Argha is one of those success stories HealthPlix has been able to nurture. During his time at the company, he has brought a go beyond duty call attitude and a jovial personality that is magnetic at times to the company! 

He says, “I don’t refrain myself from Experimenting and travel the world to Experience (2 E’s) different perspectives”

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