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The Plixian behind 1000+ demo’s

This is a fascinating story of Deepansh Vashisht, a long-serving employee at HealthPlix who has grown alongside the company!

On Saturday afternoon in Nagpur ; it is 40+ degrees celsius. The Ramdaspeth complex in Nagpur is buzzing with businesses dealing with heat and yet wooing customers to buy more. The complex hosts some of the best known doctor clinics offering access to quality healthcare to local citizens across specialities.

One of the well known diabetologists is wrapping a patient consultation for the day and briefing the receptionist not to take any more appointments. In comes Deepansh, an employee of HealthPlix who is trying to sneak in for a quick 5 min conversation with the doctor to sell an EMR software. Mind you, this is pre-COVID days and startups across India had never built something so valuable for DOCTORS in India as the HealthPlix EMR. 

Deepansh is immediately turned down by the diabetologist, who cites a lack of technical know-how and a reluctance to embark on the journey of digitizing patient health records as reasons for his denial. Deepansh uses the refusal as a springboard to approach other doctors in the same building and get them to join HealthPlix. As the process progresses, Deepansh shifts gears and sets his sights on a hundred or more doctors in Nagpur.

Deepansh, brimming with confidence, builds his team and travels across the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, Central India, before settling in Bengaluru – HealthPlix – HQ. He has gone from selling HealthPlix EMR in one city to multiple cities, and from one speciality to multiple specialties.

Deepansh has learned all the tricks of building markets for Doctors Software and making them aware that it is an important part of their lives during this journey. With his amazing know-how of building markets and selling products to end users, he is one of the very few employees at HealthPlix to have given 1000+ EMR demos to doctors and persuade them to join HealthPlix’s EMR platform.

From a degree in Applied Psychology to becoming the early hero behind HealthPlix initial success and setting up the foundation, Deepansh has come a long way in learning and transforming himself with HealthPlix! ….. From 1000+ Demo’s to leading Training to look into Quality, he is setting benchmarks for someone who is aspirational… He is now all set to join the product team!

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