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Story of a Plixian who joined HealthPlix with a purpose in mind

Bags are packed, his mind is ready and Arnab has started his train journey from Bhilai to Chennai. Coming from a middle-class family sitting by the window and snacking on junk food, he is thinking how lucky I am to be admitted to SRM University. SRM University is one of the best in the country and graduation from SRM is a dream for many even today.

With a passion for computers, Arnab graduates from SRM University to join Chalkstreet ( a curated online learning marketplace). Mind you he already has 5-6months of internship under his belt and he is going to need that bit of LUCK to enter into his full-time career. He is excited about his first full-time job – coding, making friends, and trying to find his foot in the company.

Little did he know that on his 5th day in the company he would be diagnosed with IgA nephropathy, also known as Berger’s disease! – A kidney disease occurs when an antibody known as immunoglobulin A (IgA) accumulates in the kidneys and impairs the kidneys’ ability to filter waste from the blood. With no family history of such a disease(no insurance also), the one who should be earning is spending, becoming the epicenter of all the action in his family.

Real-world experience leads to change in career trajectory

He had no idea how this incident would shape and propel him to be a changemaker in digital healthcare. Going through the experience of a kidney transplant he realized the importance of being a doctor in life. Moreover, with his passion for computers, he decides to give back to the Doctor Community, and takes the plunge to join HealthPlix!

Arnab recalls times when he couldn’t find the HANDWRITTEN prescription given to him by his doctor, and remembering the diagnosis details of a critical patient like him was comparable to searching for a needle in the desert. His real-world experience aided him in mapping and developing software that complements a doctor’s practice. He had decided that simply developing wouldn’t suffice; there was a need to identify and solve problems that doctors face on a daily basis.

He remembers in his early days of HealthPlix where doctors were asked to build a recommender system/assistant-like feature that would help them in the early diagnosis of chronic diseases. Fast forward to 2022, his work has changed the way doctors practice today. Some of the marquee features in the HealthPlix EMR set and templated by Arnab, and his purpose-driven work has already paid off helping doctors on the HealthPlix platform.

Commenting on Arnab’s work, Sandeep Gudibanda CEO – HealthPlix says “Work you are driving has helped doctors diagnose a minimum of 100 patients which they may have otherwise missed. You should be super proud of it ”
During the early days of piloting a key CDS feature, Chaitanya Raju Chief of AI – HealthPlix said “The model works and we can create a lot more value for the doctor community by expanding this CD to more doctors”

Arnab is one of those Plixians who joined the company for a purpose and is driving change in healthcare. He says, “ It was never a 9-5job for me as I knew helping doctors to save 1 patient’s life meant so much. The work I do at HealthPlix is helping doctors on the platform who are pulling at least 100+ patients out of the danger zone. It is so satisfying!”

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