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Top Alternatives & Competitors of Epic & Cerner EMR in India

Electronic medical records (EMR) have existed for some time, but the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis made their value soar. While stalwarts like Cerner and Epic dominate global healthcare, Indian private practitioners and small to medium clinics require a customised solution.

This blog highlights the best-in-class features and USPs of these EMR to help you gauge according to your clinical requirements. Let’s learn more about potential competitors of Epic and Cerner providing EMR for Doctors in India!

What to look out for in EMR software?

While many factors go into choosing the best EMR software for your practice, the best EMR in India should have some key features:

  1. Secure patient management
  2. Instant clinical data access
  3. Convenient subscription
  4. Local language options

The patient management interface should seamlessly balance the clinical workload while streamlining patient appointments. Besides, using a local EMR in India includes all the state-of-the-art facilities without straining your budget, like Cerner’s subscription.


HealthPlix is an Indian EMR software that offers doctors the convenience of instant patient communication across 14+ Indian languages.


  • Patients can avail of Rx prescriptions in less than a minute
  • Better patient retention rate over manual patient management
  • Allows online consultation (telemedicine)
  • Connects patients with speciality-specific healthcare consultants


  • Available as a smartphone application and FREE for doctors
  • Healthplix electronic medical records offer online consultation payouts on the same day
  • Operability across the entire country thanks to its multiple language compatibilities
  • Allows doctors to communicate with patients directly on Whatsapp through masked numbers, ensuring convenience during clinical consultation


Practo offers seamless clinical operations managing electronic medical records that help doctors provide state-of-the-art patient management.


  • 50,000+ physicians use it across five countries
  • It’s compliant with Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission.
  • Includes SMS-based step-by-step directions to the consultation clinic


  • The smartphone app is patient-friendly, with its interface allowing convenient rescheduling of appointments
  • Supports all clinical consultations and specialities in a single interface
  • Patients can follow up post-diagnosis and schedule post-consultation conversations


  • Not enough language options
  • Expensive subscription fee


If your clinical requirements include large-scale multispeciality hospitals, Praxify ensures state-of-the-art physician consultations.


  • An integrated EMR for doctors with no additional expenses like upgrading patient catering facilities
  • Praxify provides an integrated health management information system as a plug-in to the existing healthcare infrastructure.


  • Helps healthcare professionals in a multispeciality hospital track incoming and present patients undergoing diagnosis or treatment across various departments in real-time
  • Seamless sharing of existing patient clinical history and optimised billing facilities
  • Designed to meet high-density patient consultations at big hospitals at low maintenance fees


  • Includes a monthly subscription fee/user


KareXpert is the leading brand catering to healthcare organisations with digital clinical platforms.


  • It provides preloaded integration with state-of-the-art cloud services.
  • Compatible across all digital interfaces and functions as a single data platform driven by AI to cater to business analytics


  • Includes a free demo to healthcare professionals
  • Known for its nationwide coverage across India, with more than 15,000+ doctors and nurses using it for clinical consultations
  • Ensures state-of-the-art clinical workflow and operations management for in-house and remote consultations


  • Among the most expensive EMR in India with subscriptions between $10-$40/month/user

Medanta EMR

Medanta EMR software is a seamless patient management interface that connects all healthcare specialists across the Medanta Hospitals chain.


  • It enables specialists to access clinical history securely
  • Allows cross reference of patients between various specialities across various Medanta Hospitals
  • Single interface for healthcare experts to track the clinical status of potential patients


  • Available as a mobile application
  • Allows real-time on-ground coordination to ensure physicians’ seamless interaction


  • This app is a secure and convenient EMR for Doctors but is limited only to Medanta Superspeciality Hospitals
EMR in India


Do you need the best EMR for Doctors at your clinic? Healthplix, India’s leading electronic medical record software, will meet your clinical demand thanks to 14+ Rx language options, 16+ clinical specialities included, and the trust of over 10,000+ registered clinical practitioners across India.

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