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Enhance The Medical Care Of Your Patients Through EMR

Gone are the times when a patient was treated as a mere customer who hired the services of a medical practitioner. The relationship between a doctor and a patient is much more profound and more meaningful than the relationship between a regular seller and a customer.

Every medical professional makes maximum efforts to give their patient the best medical care possible, and the software for doctors helps them achieve this efficiently. With the increasing advancement in medical knowledge, life expectancy has also improved. Patients are living longer, and medical practitioners are encountering more and more chronic illnesses in their practice.

So, it has become necessary for healthcare professionals to keep track of their patient’s health, past medical history, the investigations and procedures carried out, and treatment received over the years. This information is crucial for any medical professional as it helps them make the right decision in the process of providing quality medical care to their patients. This is where EMR enters the picture.

How Does EMR Work?

EMR, or electronic medical records, is a patient management software tool that helps doctors to store and access their patients’ health information at the click of a button.

This patient management software enables medical professionals to replace old paper charts with electronic versions. It includes all the basic health information like medical history, immunization history, allergies, diagnostic procedures, treatment offered, etc.

Patients Management Software

Usually, all the patient data, including their medical history and other health information, is stored on paper charts. This practice has many pitfalls, such as theft, destruction, natural calamities, and so on.

EMR maintains patient data in an electronic form that can be accessed through a tablet, laptop, or other electronic devices and can be edited easily when needed.

Benefits of EMR

Though EMR for patient care has been a popular concept in developed countries, in India, it is a relatively novel concept that is gaining more acceptance lately. Have a look at some of the benefits of EMR software to understand why it is an important software for doctors:

Save Space

In order to keep the medical records of the patients, numerous paper documents have to be stored by healthcare facilities. This consumes a lot of space and can hamper the quality of the documentation.

EMR software for doctors allows you to keep these records digitally using a private and secure cloud. This facilitates easy access to the records.

Efficient Time Utilisation

EMR software enables a smooth workflow in the clinic, with all the patient’s information being accessible to the doctor. This saves time and ensures that if the patient consults multiple doctors, the said doctors have access to the required medical information. It eliminates the need to search a specific chart, helping doctors quickly find patient data.

Reduce Cost

As paper records need to be maintained and organized repeatedly, it requires more human resources. On the other hand, using the EMR for patient care means less need for personnel and less time consumption.

Better Information

With EMR, the doctors are better informed of the vitals of the patients as well as the changes in their health over time. For example, they can track changes in their blood pressure, cholesterol levels, sugar levels, etc., and make crucial decisions instantly.

Minimal Human Error

There is a chance of human errors in paper documentation as they are handwritten. This is because, at times, the handwriting is not readable. Or, at times, there are conflicting treatments.

These problems are solved by EMR, where all the necessary information about the patient is written in a standardized format and typeface.

Provide Reminders

Using the EMR software, the clinics can send alert notifications and reminders to patients who are due for blood tests, follow-ups, diagnostic procedures, screening tests, etc.

It also sends treatment goals and test reminders to doctors. This helps in the prevention of certain diseases and in chronic disease management.

Prevent Allergic Reactions

Due to a lack of space or fundamental error, some important details like a person’s allergy or ongoing treatment for any other underlying disease could be missed out. EMR shows the most intricate details of a patient.

This helps the doctor provide the patient with the customized care they need and bridge any gap that could have existed in their treatment. Doctors are able to make decisions after reading the information provided to them thoroughly. This helps prevent any allergic reactions.

Help Avoid Duplicate Diagnostic Tests

The patient management software allows timely access to a patient’s test results, hence avoiding unnecessary repetition. This is particularly important in case of invasive or expensive tests.


As information technology is taking over almost every aspect of our life, healthcare is not left behind. From paper charts to EMR for patient care, medical practice is transforming slowly but surely.

HealthPlix EMR Solutions is striving hard to ease the administrative burden of medical professionals and help them offer superior quality healthcare to their patients. Moreover, the software is adapted to cater to the distinctive needs of Indian healthcare providers and aims to overcome challenges.

It is time doctors invested in this patient management software to elevate the doctor-patient dynamics, which is much more profound than the customer-service provider relationship.

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