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6 Clinic Management Software Tactics For Doctors – Helping You Build A Better Practice

Every clinic’s job is to keep their patients happy — and there’s no better way than to run a smooth office. You’re always on the move with your patients at the door, new requests being made daily, and the day-to-day operations. It can be daunting to keep up with everything that needs to be done.

A clinic management software efficiently allows physicians and clinic owners to manage their practices and streamline operations with automated workflows and quicker accessibility to records ensuring the management of end-to-end processes in the clinic or the practice.

Data Points For Tracking Clinic Performance

In clinic management software, six data points are crucial for tracking clinic performance and improving processes. These six data points include contact information, patient demographics, scheduled appointments, feedback scores, workload, and workflow.

The main objective of the software for a clinic is to improve the quality of treatment your clinic provides and simultaneously increase its profits. Here are six data points you can track daily:

1. Patient Flow

The measure is not just about the number of people who come in but also how long they stay in your clinic and how many get treated.

If more people are standing outside than inside, this would mean a problem with patient flow. You should discover why people are not coming into your clinic or leaving quickly after getting treated.

2. Waiting Time

The waiting time for patients means how long a patient has to wait before being attended by a doctor or nurse practitioner (NP).

The software for the clinic can easily measure this by calculating the average waiting time per patient during each hour of operation (i.e., morning and afternoon sessions). Ideally, the average wait time should be less than 30 minutes per patient session.

3. Clinic Revenue Per Visit

This will tell you how much money each patient spends with each visit and lets you know if any patients are spending significantly less than average (or more!).

If there are outliers here, ensure patients get what they need from their visits by following up with them. That may mean offering them discounts on treatments or sending follow-up care instructions post their appointments through information collected and stored in EMR for doctors.

4. Total Consultation Time

You should keep your total consultation time under 30 minutes for most patients and longer for emergencies like fever, maternity, etc. If you can achieve this target consistently, then you are doing great.

This is a critical metric recorded, as it tells you how much time you spend with each patient. If you can see how much time you spend treating patients, it will encourage you to work harder and provide better service.

5. Patient Registration And Tracking

You need to track all the patients who visit your clinic and how many patients have visited your clinic in a month or week. It is essential to know whether new patients are coming to your clinic so that you can plan accordingly.

If new patients are coming to your clinic, then it means that they are satisfied with their experience and will recommend your clinic to others. You can use this information as an advantage over other clinics or hospitals that do not have such data.

6. Patient Feedback

The feedback received from your patients after each visit helps you understand their experience at your clinic. This data enables you to identify areas where improvement is required and what needs to be done to keep them happy on their next visit. This metric can also be compiled in an EMR for reference.

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Clnic Management software for doctors

Above all, what should you be looking to improve when tracking clinic performance? Your return on investment. You can gain valuable information by collecting relevant data and observing patterns of success and failure using the software for a clinic. Armed with the right data, you’ll take the right steps.

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