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Managing Diabetes With Holistic Care, Patient Education, and EMR

Meet our Healthcare Hero who made a life-altering decision after an insightful doctor-patient conversation.

Dr. Rahul Doshi is a well-known physician in Pune, specializing in diabetes care for over 15 years. He is a HealthPlix Healthcare Hero who is a proponent of holistic healing when it comes to treating his patients. His treatment approach is not about quick fixes with a few tablets. Instead, he ensures a recovery path that leads to their overall health and well-being. 

Patient Education is a critical aspect of Diabetes Care  

Diabetics Care 2022

For a good part of his 15 years as a medical practitioner, Dr. Rahul Doshi has been devoted to diabetes care and patient education. According to him, the adverse effects of this condition can be reversed with proper awareness, lifestyle changes, and diet modifications, in addition to medication. Prescribed medicines alone cannot drive long-term success in diabetes care. While his own private clinic is dedicated to this cause, Dr. Doshi is also attached to some well-known corporate hospitals in the city such as Jupiter Hospital and Medipoint Hospitals. 

No matter where his patients come from, the primary treatment approach is to educate them and their caregivers about diabetes, sometimes even sharing reading materials and videos to help them grasp the idea of holistic well-being and how to imbibe a healthier lifestyle in managing and arresting the impact of diabetes. 

The simple question that became a turning point in his medical journey

Dr. Doshi practices what he preaches – He maintains an active routine, follows a well-balanced diet, nurtures a positive attitude, and takes some personal time out despite a very busy schedule. But it wasn’t like this always. 

A few years ago, Dr. Doshi was at his clinic when an OPD patient came in for his follow-up consultation. He had responded well to the Doctor’s treatments and was quite stable. As Dr. Doshi started talking to him about the exercise and diet regime he needed to follow from there on, the patient asked him, “So doctor, what do you do to keep fit – What kind of workout regime do you follow?”

The question got Dr. Doshi thinking. 

In his words, “I realized that as doctors we tell the patients to do a lot of things to keep fit and healthy, but do we set an example for our patients? Do we do all that we instruct them to follow? And this very thought helped me turn my regular routine toward a much healthier lifestyle. I started taking out time every day to exercise. As I started feeling fitter, I began running and with relentless practice, I started participating in marathons! 

This not just helped me personally, but even during my consultations. I understood exactly what kind of exercise a particular patient could do and what they would find difficult to carry on. Since I had a first-hand experience of diet change, and how and why sometimes I found it difficult to continue, I could make my patients understand these instructions far better.”

Dr. Doshi advocates the use of HealthPlix EMR – Let’s see why
Diabetic Cure

I have been using the HealthPlix EMR platform for quite some time now and I think an EMR solution that is made keeping the doctors in mind helps solve a lot of pain areas for us.

The top things that the doctor feels are unique to this EMR are:

  1. A user-friendly platform

    – Simple user interface with all the important features available on the first window – There’s no complicated navigation required to use this platform and anyone who uses a computer device or smartphone can use this too.

  2. Time-saving

    – The features are designed in such a way that it makes things faster. 

  • Storing and accessing patient data
  • Writing prescriptions
  • Sharing important information with patients
  • Managing appointments
  • Tracking online fee payments
  • Automating follow-up reminders
  • Updating clinic holidays

These and many more features make life easier for doctors, leaving us with more time with the patients instead of being involved in such operational activities. 

    3. Fantastic user support – Whenever I need support while using the HealthPlix EMR, all I need to do is reach out to their customer service team and there’s immediate help provided. When it comes to fixing my problems, HealthPlix does a fantastic job. They call back within minutes and don’t give up till the issue is resolved!

4. Data security and confidentiality: This is one of the main reasons why I am so comfortable with HealthPlix EMR – All digital records are encrypted and well-maintained. These are sensitive patient data and unless I know that the platform where I am storing and accessing them is secure, I wouldn’t use it. Data protection is also critical from a legal standpoint – and I trust HealthPlix will my clinic information and data.

Do you think you’d like to explore this platform and join our Healthcare Hero Dr. Rahul Doshi and 10000+ doctors in revolutionizing digital healthcare in India? 

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