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Saving Lives: HealthPlix EMR Alerts Doctors about the Patient Allergies

By swiftly alerting about allergens, HealthPlix complements doctors practice and helps ensure patient safety in the long run.

– Dr. Vipul Rastogi

HealthPlix EMR is revolutionizing how doctors make critical decisions at the point of care, ultimately saving lives. How? Let us walk you through it.

Imagine you are in your clinic, and it is busy as it is evening OPD. A patient walks in; you provided consultation to him last month; what are the chances that you will remember about the drug allergies of this patient?

For a professional as busy as you, we will go out on a limb and say unless you have your old prescription on the table, you won’t remember it. 

You will again have to spend 2-3 minutes writing down the underlying conditions and then begin with a consultation.

What if we tell you that you can skip directly to the consultation and get all the data you need on your screen in just a click?

Wait, it gets better!

Hear it from the esteemed user of HealthPlix EMR– Dr. Vipul Rastogi.

Empowering Doctors, Protecting Patients: 

Dr. Vipul Rastogi, an experienced family physician, depends on HealthPlix EMR for instant access to extensive medical records. HealthPlix EMR sets itself apart by offering a range of digital tools at the point of care that contribute to optimal patient care. For instance, its drug composition display and customizable advice section enable precise medication recommendations, considering whether the medication should be taken before or after food.

One notable aspect that distinguishes HealthPlix from other EMRs is its effective highlighting of patient allergies in red. This feature greatly assists doctors during patient consultations, serving as a valuable tool at the point of care. By swiftly identifying potential allergens, HealthPlix acts as a crucial safeguard, helping to prevent adverse reactions and ensure patient safety.

Life-Saving Alerts: 

Dr. Rastogi recalls a near miss with a patient’s allergy to Pantoprazole before integrating HealthPlix EMR. With the system’s proactive alerts, such oversights are now a thing of the past. Highlighting allergies, HealthPlix EMR ensures doctors never miss vital information safeguarding patient well-being.

Streamlined Practice, Enhanced Care: 

HealthPlix EMR allows customization to suit each doctor’s needs. Dr. Rastogi has created tailored templates, saving valuable time and streamlining his practice. From occupational histories to family medical records, the system enables efficient care delivery. Personalization options, including logo design and printed bills, add further convenience for doctors and patients.

Seamless Care Anywhere: 

In critical cases or when a doctor is unavailable, HealthPlix EMR ensures continuity of care. Remote communication, prescription preparation, and online payment options empower doctors to stay connected with patients, regardless of physical distance. From hospitalization to medication procurement, HealthPlix EMR bridges the gap between physical and digital realms, keeping patients safe and secure.

Summing up

HealthPlix EMR is a life-saving tool that empowers doctors and protects patients. With timely alerts, streamlined workflows, and seamless connectivity, the system revolutionizes patient care. By utilizing this powerful technology, doctors like Dr. Rastogi are enhancing outcomes, improving safety, and ultimately saving lives.

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