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Insider Insights: Veteran Doctor’s EMR Experience

Meet Dr. Nitin Sahu, a General Physician with 32 years of experience practicing in Indore, who has been using HealthPlix EMR since its inception. 

We had a candid conversation about his experience using the HealthPlix platform, and he had some incredible insights to share.

Read on for a pure treasure of knowledge combined with insights on HealthPlix EMR that come with the experience.

Dr. Sahu has been using HealthPlix for almost nine years and has had no issues with it. He is thrilled with the upgrades that the platform keeps making, and he praises HealthPlix Team for making it a simple and useful program.

Insights on the EMR:

When asked to share some insights on the EMR, Dr. Sahu highlights that he has created a lot of Master, which makes it easier for him to advise his patients regarding their diet and exercise routine.   

This enables him to quickly write prescriptions for his patients in just a few clicks.

When asked if there was any case where EMR helped him treat his patients quickly, Dr. Sahu highlighted the importance of having a legible prescription in 30 secs, which is extremely important as it helps minimize the chances of errors occurring at the chemist or patient level.

This bridges the communication gap and eases the overall process.

He shared that with the option to prescribe in 14 languages, he shares prescriptions in the native language of his patients, like Gujarati and Bengali. As a result, he could establish better connect with his patients.

Top Features of EMR:

Next Visit Feature

Dr. Sahu emphasized on the importance of the Next Visit and DDI features of HealthPlix EMR. He believes that the next visit feature is essential and that if you mention the patient to come the next time and be very specific about it, the patient is more likely to come. 

He shared a witty example and compared the next visit to inviting someone to your home for dinner; you must be specific about the time and date, and they will likely turn up. Similarly, if you give a particular date and message on the day of the next visit, the patient is more likely to come, increasing the footfall in your clinic.

He shared that he has experienced a significant rise in footfall at his clinic with this simple feature. 

DDI Alerts

Dr. Sahu also uses the DDI alerts and finds them helpful in his busy clinic practice. He believes that these alerts help at the point of care and can be especially helpful in catching important interactions that may be missed in a busy practice.

Advice for Young Doctors

Dr. Sahu was evident in his response when asked about any advice he would like to give young doctors about EMR and whether they should use it. 

He believes young doctors should use EMR right from the beginning of their practice. 

As most young doctors are very tech-savvy, they have an advantage over senior doctors who may not be as comfortable with technology. 

Using EMR from day 1 allows doctors to have all their patients’ records in one place, which can be used to analyze their condition over a long period. 

Dr. Sahu believes using an EMR is an important investment for young doctors.

Summing up

Dr. Nitin Sahu’s experience with HealthPlix EMR highlights the incredible benefits that we bring to doctors and their patients. From legible prescriptions to reminder alerts for the next visit, EMRs can make a significant difference in patient care and can be an invaluable tool for doctors. 

If you’re a young doctor starting out, take Dr. Sahu’s advice and start with HealthPlix EMR from day one. You won’t regret it.

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