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Frequently Asked Questions

HealthPlix Digital Docstar Contest is an offer being run by HealthPlix to encourage doctors to explore the HealthPlix platforms better and reward them for writing Rx via the HealthPlix platform. Doctors who write digital prescriptions via HealthPlix platforms would get a chance to win exciting prizes as per the offer.

HealthPlix Digital Docstar Contest is valid from 14th Jun 2022 to 30th Jun 2022.

Only doctors who are contacted by HealthPlix to participate in this offer will be eligible for this.

  • All doctors who have written 30 prescriptions and more during the offer duration will be rewarded with an Amazon gift voucher worth Rs.1000 at the end of the offer date.

Yes, this offer is only valid for users in India.

Amazon Gift Vouchers will be dispatched after the conclusion of the offer. Vouchers would be sent to the email id registered with HealthPlix.

This offer shall be subject to force majeure events and on the occurrence of such an event, the offer may be withdrawn at the discretion of HealthPlix with no prior intimation to the Participant.

Reach out to us at or 1800 102 0127 with all your queries 🙂

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