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Mrinmoy Hazarika Did Not Let Healthcare Stop Despite Workforce Shortages in Rural Assam


As the Coronavirus pandemic broke out in India, the major cities were the first to be affected. Gradually, it started spreading its roots deep down into the rural regions of the country. The unforeseen transmission posed a great threat to lives in the country’s poorly-equipped rural areas. With an acute shortage of oxygen, life-saving drugs, beds, and healthcare workers during the coronavirus wave in April, Dr. Mrinmoy Hazarika found it nearly impossible to cope with the sudden surge in the number of patients, who were sick with Covid-19. Dr. Hazarika is a General Practitioner who practices in Bihpuria, a small town in Lakhimpur district in the state of Assam. 

He found himself struggling between a shortage of staff, facilities and infrastructure. Things became more difficult for him when members of his staff got infected with Covid-19. The situation became even more challenging as there were safety protocols like social distancing and contactless measures to be followed.

That is when HealthPlix came to help.

Since last year, Assam has seen more than 5,80,657 cases of Covid-19, which has gone on to penetrate rural zones of Assam including the remotest places like Barpamua village, about 25 km from the headquarters of island district Majuli in upper Assam.

“We didn’t have any resources. That’s when I started using HealthPlix. It doubled up for the missing staff and manpower to run my clinic. We set up the patient registration in a separate building which was at a distance of 200 metres from the clinic and one of my staff members was trained on how to register patients on HealthPlix. The collection of medicines was organised from the pharmacy located about 200 metres from the site of my clinic. And, I was able to consult with my patients and treat them using the HealthPlix EMR system easily. HealthPlix made it possible for me to treat the patients without touching any paper. The end to end process of registration of patients, consultation and collection of medicines was enabled by the HealthPlix EMR. So, it became difficult to work without HealthPlix at that point in time. Although my team was affected, I could still provide the usual care to my patients while maintaining the safety protocols for my staff and myself with the help of HealthPlix”, says Dr. Hazarika. 

“Now, I use HealthPlix EMR in the hospital as well as my private clinic and have more than 1000 patients on the platform. It helps me a lot to maintain my patient database in the system and to give directions and proper care plans to my patients, who come mostly from the rural areas of my district and state”, he adds.

We salute the spirit of Dr. Mrinmoy Hazarika for his determination to fight the spread of the Covid-19 virus in his state despite facing a number of challenges and treating hundreds of coronavirus patients with HealthPlix. Working amidst a shortage of healthcare workers, for long hours in PPE kits and without any leaves makes it particularly hard for the doctors serving people in rural areas to keep pace with the number of rising Covid-19 cases. We have seen the devastating impacts of the second wave and a third wave is said to be underway. 

It’s gratifying for HealthPlix to be able to help doctors on the ground in the management of such adverse situations by empowering their practice and patient management with advanced technologies.

Dr. Mrinmoy Hazarika is a General Physician (MBBS, PGDBAS, CCEBDM) with more than 10 years of experience. He practices in Town Clinic, Bihupuria in Lakhimpur district, Assam and the Guwahati Medical College and Hospital.


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