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Meet Dr. Indranil Dutta Who Treated Hundreds of Covid-19 Patients for Free

Dr. Dutta has treated hundreds of patients, providing them with medical care and assistance for free, by making full use of the HealthPlix EMR platform for writing smart digital prescriptions, keeping patient records, and doing online and in-person consultations.

When the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country this year, cases started doubling overnight. Hospitals, that were working with limited resources, saw people queueing up outside their doors, waiting for vacant beds and other medical assistance. This was the situation in private hospitals across the country. Dr. Dutta realised that people were dying not only due to the virus but also due to a lack of proper medical advice. However, seeing that the people of his region needed help, he decided to treat COVID-19 patients for free.

Dr. Dutta treats patients online as well as offline, depending on their location. He offers to treat his patients at half of his regular consultation fee, and even for free. He is determined to use his medical expertise for a good social cause. So, he never said no to a consultation irrespective of the time of the day or location. He reached patients in inaccessible areas, as far as the Sunderbans, the hilly areas of North Bengal, the remote village of Purulia, and even neighbouring states like Tripura, Mizoram, Bihar, and Jharkhand.

“It’s treating the patients and helping them get healthy which makes me happy. So, my focus is only on treating more and more needy patients. In the peak stage of the pandemic, I used to get calls from people who were in a panic after they were denied beds at the hospital. In some areas, there were no medical facilities and people were dying due to lack of the right medical advice and shortage of money to afford the necessary treatment. That is when I started this drive to save as many people as I can,” says Dr. Dutta, who has been using the HealthPlix EMR since April 2021.

Dr. Dutta is fond of giving digital prescriptions to his patients and it used to take him 15-20 minutes to write one prescription in the word editor on his computer system. When the second wave led to a sharp spike in the footfall of patients, it became very challenging for him to keep up with the number of patients and write proper prescriptions for them. This is when a HealthPlix doctor in his network asked him to check out the HealthPlix EMR software. He was excited to see that this would help him treat more and more patients in less time. Once he started using HealthPlix for his daily consultations, he could write a prescription in as little as 30 seconds. The AI-powered features for Rx also helped him add specific care instructions at the click of a button. Generating Rx in regional language benefitted the patients in remote areas. 

Dr. Dutta made full use of the HealthPlix EMR platform to help his patients. “The HealthPlix EMR offers plenty of features. Video consultations with excellent video quality, automatic SMS alerts to the patients, and prescription forwarding by email have made my life easy”, adds Dr. Dutta.

“What is most satisfying for me is keeping medical records safely with the HealthPlix EMR, and the prescription format deftly customized by the support staff, who are always available for my help, with truly 24/7 assistance. I strongly recommend using HealthPlix EMR to meet the needs of present-day medical practice which centres around record-keeping, close but dignified association with patients, and to extend meaningful advice to SOS queries made by them. Also, the doctor can review the prescriptions and amend them within 24 hours.”

Dr. Indranil Dutta is a Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Kolkata. He is a Gold Medalist in MD (Medicine) and has been using the HealthPlix EMR actively to consult with his patients since April 2021.

HealthPlix is proud to be associated with doctors like Dr. Indranil Dutta who go out of their way to serve society and are part of our mission to drive better patient outcomes. We are constantly connecting with our doctors to find new ways of improving HealthPlix products and helping their medical practice.


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