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The Diabetes Doctor: How his clinical acumen led to a miracle for a mother

Meet our Healthcare Hero, Dr. Ajay Kaduskar – a well-known Diabetologist from Nagpur. He has been practicing for over 17 years, dedicated to reversing the adverse affects of diabetes on his patients and helping them get back to a happy healthy life!

Dr. Kaduskar is a medical practitioner not just because he comes from a family of doctors, but also because the passion to heal and care for others is inculcated in his DNA. In addition to his MBBS and MD Medicine from Nagpur and Mumbai respectively, he also did his Fellowship in Diabetology in the Netherlands.

Why did you choose Diabetology?

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In Dr Kaduskar’s words, “I’m a 3rd generation doctor in my family, and while each person has chosen their field of specialization, I chose medicine and diabetology – and now that I think of it, my grandmother is primarily responsible for this decision. Since childhood, I have watched her taking insulin injections regularly. She had been diabetic and had suffered a lot due to her condition.

This fact, coupled with my experience during my residency days where I witnessed diabetic patients rushed into the emergency due to serious complications, steered me towards diabetology.

As a doctor working round the clock, what is your source of sustenance?

The good doctor smiles and says, “The relief and feel good feeling that patients experience when they are able to enjoy a better quality of life – that is my ‘high’. It is a truly rewarding feeling, (much like the mastercard ad) this feeling is something that money cannot buy.

An account of a Mother’s love and her faith in the doctor

During the first nationwide lockdown in March 2020, a 35-year old lady arrived at Dr. Kaduskar’s clinic. She was a diabetic and had failed to conceive for almost a decade due to her health conditions. And now here she was, a few weeks pregnant, and with uncontrolled blood sugar. At this situation, the first worry for any diabetologist is the risk on the mother and baby’s life – and the best course of action was a medical termination of the pregnancy.But this lady was resolute to continue with the pregnancy and she would not abort her baby under any circumstances. All she wanted her doctor to do was control the diabetes.

The would-be-mother told Dr. Kaduskar, “I am ready to face any consequences as a result of my decision, but I have full faith in you. You will be able to control my diabetes.”Dr. Kaduskar rose to the occasion, and took charge of her conditions till the end of her 3rd trimester – and it was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride!But all the exhaustion and stress were forgotten, replaced by a sense of comfort and joy when the mother brought in a beautiful baby girl to his clinic.The doctor nearly wells up at this memory and says, “Can anything be more rewarding for a doctor – it was a miracle.”

Dr. Kaduskar’s take on the HealthPlix EMR

EMR Software for Doctors

The Doctor beams with pride as he says, “I was one of the 1st users of HealthPlix EMR in Nagpur in 2018. Now I see quite a lot of my colleagues use it too. Right now, my clinic is so accustomed to it that neither my staff nor I can think of running the clinic without HealthPlix EMR.”

Dr. Kaduskar is a strong advocate of using an EMR.

He explains, “Several patients are not regular with follow ups – which is a must for controlling diabetes. All patients visiting my clinic are not local people, there are numerous outstation patients as well, say from around 200-300 km radius. Many a times, patients lost their files, reports and data and missed follow ups.With HealthPlix, I have easy access to the patient’s data, and it’s simple enough for my staff to use to manage my schedules and appointments.

EMR is definitely the future of digital healthcare. There are still a lot of doctors using handwritten prescriptions, but it’s a matter of time before they shift to a digital one.

The top things the doctor loves about HealthPlix are:

Easy access to data: No worries about losing patient data, illegible prescriptions, etc.

Interpretation of data – Using a huge pile of medical data effectively for research work, drawing conclusions about health trends in patients…not just for the clinic but also for academic purposes.

Connected to patients: HealthPlix makes it possible for patients who have migrated to from the city to remain connected with their doctor, and continue their treatments or follow ups.

Customizable to the clinic’s needs – Though at a macro level pretty much all the features are the same, HealthPlix takes into account the fact that every clinic has its unique ways of operating. The EMR for doctors helps customize things according to the practice needs.

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