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Doctor Vijay Bade from Pune is on a Mission to Save Lives, Trains 11,000 people in Basic First Aid

In India, there are countless accidents and mishaps that occur every day, at one’s home, workplace, and public places. Reports say that six two-wheeler riders die every hour in road accidents in India. While the popular saying goes that “Prevention is better than cure”, these mishaps cannot always be prevented. However, fatalities can be avoided if one has the right kind of training and knowledge of first aid.

Dr. Vijay Bade, a Pune-based occupational health expert who has been a HealthPlix doctor since October 2020, has made it his mission to promote basic first-aid training and various types of health awareness sessions. Since his hospital is located on Alandi Road in Pune, Dr. Vijay often comes across two-wheeler accidents that lead to death. This moved him to take action and create first-aid training programs for people. He noticed that the need of the hour was to train people in saving the lives of those who came under the grasp of such accidents and unforeseen dangers.  

“In situations like these, people often watch, take photographs and videos and share them on social media. We want to reform that state of affairs into something more laudable by empowering employees with life-saving techniques that teach them the value of the golden hour and the criticality of acting quickly and correctly within this window of opportunity”, Dr. Vijay quoted. 

Developing First-Aid Training  

Apart from the common usage of English and Hindi, people in his region mostly comfortably understand Marathi. Realized this, he created training modules in Marathi and other local languages along with Hindi and English. Both online and offline platforms are offered for training purposes. He has teamed up with his wife, Dr. Bhargavi Bade (MBBS, DVD) a Dermatologist and also a HealthPlix doctor for this cause. These trainings are delivered in workplaces and industrial units.

“We’ve aimed to form a team of people with first-aid expertise to help and reach out to those in need. Since 2010, we have trained over 11,000 people and conduct approximately 100 trainings a month. This does not feel like work to me, I feel it’s my duty and my responsibility towards society to provide first-aid training. We have also got approval from the Government of Maharashtra by the Director of Industrial Safety Health as well as an international affiliation of ISO 9001:2015, OSHAS 18001:2007.” 

The First Aid Training is conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Factories Act of 1948, as amended by the Maharashtra Factory Rules of 2012, dated June 5, 2012. He also conducts FORM 07 Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Medical Examinations,

International Medical Examination of Oil and Gas, United Kingdom, Panama and Norwegian Maritime Authorities, Bahamas National Medical Examiner for Director General of Shipping and Civil Aviation, and Director of Industrial Safety Health under his organization Vighanharta Sai Medical Services.

Some of the areas that are covered in their training are: 

•      ABC & CPR of First Aid (Theory & Practical)

•      First Aid for Wounds & Fractures

•      First Aid for Burns & Electric Shock

•      First Aid for Poisoning 

•      First Aid for Snake, Insects & Scorpion bites 

•      First Aid for Epilepsy Fits

•      Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation

•      Cardiac Massage

•      C P R (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) & Recovery Position

•      Various Bandages & Knots for Wounds

•      Bandages & Slings for Various Fractures

In the future, he will continue providing first aid training and plans to conduct Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training, extending his expertise to those going for shipping and civil aviation as well. 

More information about his training and lessons can be found on their website

On A Mission To Save Lives 

Not, just this, Dr. Vijay Bade and his wife Dr. Bhargavi Bade have worked tirelessly to raise awareness in rural areas about rapidly growing ailments such as diabetes, thyroid disease, and osteoporosis among people. They also conduct awareness campaigns on blood and organ donations in Dr. Bade’s Vighanharta Sai Hospital & Laboratory. In the future, Dr. Bhargavi wants to expand ergonomics and industrial psychometric analysis. They want to start behaviour based safety training so that employees learn to use personal protective equipment while undertaking risky activities in industrial settings.

In the past few months, he deployed his hospital as a vaccination centre and gave around 3000 Covid vaccines to people, Influenza vaccines to children and human papilloma vaccines to ladies. 

Dr. Vijay also praised his time as a HealthPlix physician. “HealthPlix proved to be the perfect platform during the Covid era. We found that online consultations were more convenient, and the payment process was swift and secure. People used to be hesitant to come for OPD consultations especially with their kids, but HealthPlix didn’t let healthcare take a back seat. We were able to treat and diagnose patients safely from our home and clinic, providing advice and care to patients in time.”

HealthPlix would like to appreciate Dr. Vijay Bade for his meaningful contributions to the Indian healthcare system.

Dr. Vijay Bade (MBBS, DCH, CPS, BGPN – Boston University) is a paediatrician at Vighanharta Sai Hospital and Laboratory in Pune’s Dighi neighbourhood with 17 years of experience. He earned his Associate Fellowship in Industrial Health from the Directorate General Factory Advice Services and Labour Institute in 2012 and Civil Aviation Induction from the Indian Air Force Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Banglore.

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