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The all new Prescription Summary Dashboard is here!

Imagine you are visiting your trusted doctor after 3months. Your visit was defined by the episodic rise in dengue cases owing to abnormal rains! The doctor is curious about the sudden spurt in such patient footfall reporting these incidents. He comes to the conclusion that it is from a specific cohort and needs information at his fingertips to compare. Now, this could be a time-consuming process with the potential for misinterpretation / misdiagnosis.

What if doctors had the opportunity to obtain information on the medications administered to a specific cohort of patients in the past? Being a Doctor First company, we understand their needs and strive to equip them with analytical tools that are focused around mapping a patient’s longitudinal health journey.

HealthPlix Technologies, India’s most trusted AI-powered EMR software announced the release of the Prescription Summary Dashboard for doctors. With this second feature release – Prescription Summary Dashboard, doctors are now able to analyse their historical prescriptions within a few clicks enabling them to identify different cohorts of patients and the treatment given to them.

The Prescription Summary Dashboard is a research-oriented platform that helps deep dive into a patient’s medical history. With a user-friendly interface, the dashboard provides an overview of complete practice with an aggregated analysis of prescriptions, allowing doctors to elevate their engagement with patients. Backed with analytics capabilities it allows doctors to find areas of improvement to drive better patient outcomes.

It further helps in predicting patients who are at greater risk and connect with them proactively to minimize it. Doctors may also use real-time analytics to stay ahead of the curve and make sure that their patients receive the best possible treatment (personalised care). This launch is consistent with our mission to provide doctors with solutions that will help them save time, provide superior care, and improve the in-clinic experience.

Major public health incidents such as COVID-19 have the characteristics of being uncertain, sudden, and hazardous. Analytics tools such as the Prescription Summary Dashboard bring in a new aspect for doctors in anticipating developments, responding to incidents with speed, precision, and agility leading to efficient patient treatment and control over their health. With technology playing a rapid role in transformation, doctors need to leverage digital and analytical tools in providing personalized healthcare delivery.

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