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Patient Search is Now 10 Times Faster

Digital experiences are the trend in our lives today. The world is either an app, a marketplace, or a platform getting closer to you via the 6-inch smartphone in your hand. Living in a digital world demands availability and reliability of services to ensure your practice continuity. 

Therefore in 2023, HealthPlix has prioritized 100% availability of our platform at all times. This will let you serve your patients round the clock.

Today we talk about OpenSearch, a software service adopted by HealthPlix. OpenSearch is a reliable technology upgrade that helps doctors pull out patient records at lightning speeds. Patient search is one of our most used EMR features. With OpenSearch, patient search is now 10 times faster than before.

What does it mean for you as a Doctor? 

  • Ultra-modern technology upgrade to your favorite EMR platform
  • The speed of search for patient health records just got FASTER (less than 120 milliseconds, used to be around 1 second earlier) 
  • EMR platform is now further optimized for load balancing – which means absolutely zero impact on system performance
  • Automated detection of platform speed to help detect any slowness a Doctor may experience.
  • And lastly, No changes in the platform user interface. Same and is easy to use as earlier

HealthPlix’s modern technology-enabled EMR platform delivers an exceptional doctor experience to more than 10000 Doctors like you. OpenSearch software adopted by HealthPlix enables 99.99% availability and consistent performance for business-critical platforms like ours. Additionally, OpenSearch is an enterprise-grade software that comes in-built with disaster management and data security features which is critical for our doctors.

We will continue to improve your favorite EMR platform with more Technology Upgrades. To tell us more about your experiences with our Technology, email us at

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