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Launching HealthPlix ROBIN – Your Doctor Insights Dashboard

Doctors are seeing hundreds of patients every month which means tons of information about patients and their practice being entered into HealthPlix EMR on a day to day basis. But how is this information useful? Can this information help doctors to make well-informed decisions? Healthcare is one of the industries where precision in decision-making and certainty in action is of the highest importance. That is why HealthPlix launched ROBIN, a Doctor Insights Dashboard, to provide doctors visibility on some of the important metrics associated with their clinic and practice.

ROBIN is an Insights Dashboard for our doctors that give them a complete view of their in-clinic analytics. This new product release gives doctors information on all the key metrics concerning patients and their practice over time including demographics and trends in their patient population. 

As feedback, HealthPlix doctors shared that they wanted a place to view all the information they input into the EMR in the form of easy to read summaries. So, we worked on this closely with them to build a Doctor Insights Dashboard with a variety of parameters and customizable filter options to give doctors the flexibility that no other EMR does.

Easy to Use and Understand

ROBIN is an insights dashboard that aims to provide a doctor with a simplified view of some of the key clinic metrics using visuals. It takes just one click for a doctor to open this dashboard in the HealthPlix EMR where they get to know everything about their practice and clinic.

The dashboard gives a doctor a view of: 

  • The demographics of their patients
  • Patient count
  • Types of complaints
  • Treatment compliance

How doctors make decisions based on this information will vary from doctor to doctor. Taking this into account, we ensured that a doctor can deep dive to the most granular level in the dashboard. With this dashboard, a doctor has an option to view details so that they can make specific analysis. Looking at the trends of all the metrics, doctors can have a better idea of how these numbers and percentages change or improve over time.

Helping Doctors Make Informed Decisions

A doctor can analyse the factors, trends and correlations in their medical practice in seconds with HealthPlix’s Doctor Insights Dashboard, ROBIN. This dashboard can be used to track a number of indicative and causative factors of medical conditions that can help a doctor to make better clinical decisions and improve the in-clinic experience for patients.

This also helps a doctor factor in predictability to make a better judgement for their clinic operations. For example, if data shows an increased footfall in their clinic over time, doctors can think about adding a lab or increasing doctors in the clinic. 

Next Steps

Our multilayered approach to the development and launch of feature updates continues and includes fully leveraging the clinic information saved by the doctor to provide analytics related to all elements of the doctor’s practice.

This release covers insights related to patients and clinic operations. In the next release, we aim to provide doctors with their prescription level analytics. The use of this dashboard goes beyond in-clinic decisions, it can be used for research purposes and also for real-world evidence for any kind of scientific study. 

The first release of ROBIN is a stepping stone to build intelligence into the HealthPlix EMR that helps doctors delve into the information that is collected with their practice over time. The scope of ROBIN is expansive and will see many updates in the future aimed at empowering doctors to drive better patient outcomes.


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