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Experience the 48% faster HealthPlix EMR powered by Google Lighthouse

~ Visit Pad and Appointments pages are now ~60% faster ~ 

In today’s digital landscape, our lives revolve around two dominant screens: mobile and desktop. The widespread availability of high-speed 4G and 5G networks has raised expectations for seamless online experiences, leaving no room for even the slightest delay in website load times. The faster a website loads, the more efficiently we can search for information and accomplish tasks on both screens.

At HealthPlix, we have optimized YOUR experience with significant enhancements done in the background while you were consulting with patients. We are happy to inform you that we have deployed Google Lighthouse – a tool which offers insights and recommendations for speeding up your experience while your patient is in front of you.

Today, Lighthouse plays a crucial role in driving decisions aimed at providing you with a faster and more enriching experience on essential pages within the EMR platform. Key areas such as patient appointment, patient case, and patient dashboard have been optimized based on insights derived from Lighthouse reports.

Lighthouse guides us in understanding key metrics such as the Speed Index, which measures the speed at which pages like patient appointments load for you immediately after logging into the EMR. Notably, HealthPlix has successfully integrated Lighthouse into the EMR platform so that your day to day features are faster by 48%.

Today the improvement in average loading time for various pages on is as follows:

Module Page Speed Index Improvement
Doctor Patient Appointments page 66.67%
Remote Appointments 55.17%
Patient Dashboard 55.26%
IPD Patients Case 30.77%
Discharge Case Sheet 50.00%
Patient Record 40.00%
Patients Case Report 42.86%
Ipd Services 38.46%

The EMR you are using is already fine tuned to work even on lower speeds like 3G , so your 4G speed is super quick (an excess of 48% improvement across pages). No more double clicking or rapid clicking on key buttons like submit or send or print, just a single click will do the job!

We continue to make improvements to the overall EMR experience, so that you can take advantage of it to consult with your patients seamlessly. 

Let us know what you think of our new Lighthouse powered HealthPlix EMR!

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