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Healthplix Admin

Son of a civil engineer who is redefining product management at a health-tech startup!

“At one point, I thought I had lost my job given COVID-19 was sweeping the world”, that was Anant Kumar’s account of his first few months at Healthplix.

But then miracles happen, rarely do you find leaders who notice and create magic out of nowhere. He recollects his first meeting with one of the leaders for a surprise task. It is followed by a series of events that define Anant as one of the kickass product managers at HealthPlix

When the world was under attack by the deadly coronavirus, Anant receives a call from one of HealthPlix’s leaders. Next, he understands that he is tasked with developing a product offering that will significantly contribute to the company’s revenue streams. Anant seizes the golden opportunity and creates a product that serves as a model for many strategic projects within the company. Today, everyone knows him as the go-to guy for a variety of strategic projects!

The ability to put his mind to a particular decision and produce groundbreaking work has helped HealthPlix in many ways! People have dreams but realities differ, and that is how life works. Anant on the other hand is a different breed who firmly believes that good academics DO NOT guarantee success. Rather it is the knack of “Joining the dots coupled with an unwavering desire to give birth to something new! 

According to Anant, “You don’t need awesome MBAs or solid degrees to take your little entrepreneurial flight. You think from the users’ point of view and ask why to produce something miraculous!”  

Having lived in more than ten states, he easily fits into the category of product managers who also are Biryani lovers. Sometimes his love for Biryani reflects in his work as he explains, “Love for developing products also comes from understanding how biryani is cooked layer after layer 🙂 ”.

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