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Meet the analytics professional who also is a fundraiser in her own way!

Born in Ajmer, Neha had a childhood focused on studies, with her mother being a school teacher. However, it was during her 10th standard that her passion for mathematics started to blossom. Her curiosity led her to delve deeper into the subject, and she developed an unflinching love for it.

Her academic journey led her to pursue an Honours degree in mathematics from Miranda House, the most prestigious college in Delhi University. Neha’s passion for mathematics inspired her to start a newsletter with a group of friends, which eventually became a highly acclaimed subscription-based publication. It was like she was on a mission to change the perception of mathematics and showcase its practical applications.

During her first internship at IISc Bangalore, Neha discovered the real-world applications of mathematics in data analytics and interpretation. This fueled her interest, and she went on to work at BridgeI2I analytics, where her expertise in analytics and mathematics shone. She worked with some of the biggest customers, processing and analyzing massive amounts of data, sometimes dealing with up to 20 lakh rows/columns in excel sheets. Neha’s capability in business forecasting on existing data sets became her forte, and her passion for analytics also led her to find her love of life partner(aka husband) in the field of data analytics and science.

Neha’s confidence and expertise took her to several other companies before she joined HealthPlix, where she currently drives a lot of efforts in the field of Healthcare Analytics. She has grown on to become one of the strongest pillars for all data analytics needs at HealthPlix. She says “playing with data gives you the ability to forecast, and my efforts have benefited many companies, helping them gain a competitive advantage.” Although Neha initially worked solo on analytics at HealthPlix, she now has the support of one of the finest minds in analytics, Jayant Swami, whom she considers her savior during challenging times.

Aside from her analytics prowess, Neha is also a fundraiser at heart. She says “I believe in the therapeutic value of one person helping another”, and her selfless contributions have made her a rare gem. 

HealthPlix is fortunate to have such an exceptional contributor in Neha, who continues to make a significant impact in the field of analytics!

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