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The Plixian who knows the “ART of balancing one’s career at an early age”

It’s Oct’2019, COVID has hit the world real bad. Back at home Archita is (sitting by the window) thinking about what next. She has worked at a loan distribution firm selling loan products and then had a minor stint at a construction equipment spare part company. Both jobs did not offer her the mind space she was looking at early in her career and needed a break from the chaotic set-up (questioning herself if this is what I want to do forever!) 

Archita represents one of the smart working genZ workforce born and raised in a joint family who is aspirational to be in a job that gives her the adrenaline rush to do more. Being a foodie comes naturally to her given she is a Bengali. With just 2-3 years of work ex in two different profiles, she decides to take the risk and shift herself from the East to the Southern part of India – Bengaluru to begin a new journey with HealthPlix – India’s most awarded doctor software brand.  

Leaving the loan business to sell software to a niche audience like doctors, she relaunches her career. Doctors are known to ask all sorts of curious questions outside of their practice. She is experiencing the thrill of engaging with doctors and working at high-energy startups based in Bengaluru. As Archita realizes her potential, HealthPlix offers her another interesting job role, and she seizes it with both hands. 

In one of the challenges, she recollects “ I did 20 demo’s on a specific day and working with the team – which had pushed me to do so. It was a self-discovery for me that I could do it” From Sales to Subject Matter Expert to looking into OJT(On-The-Job) functions she transitioned herself into a Plixian with diverse skill sets. Archtia goes on to say “I always had a liking for software and systems was looking join a company that would be tech-first in whatever they do, and I feel lucky to be working at HealthPlix” 

The day begins for Archtia working at the health-tech startup, and when the sun sets, she transforms into a food blogger reviewing some amazing cuisines. She is an accomplished food blogger having reviewed close to 100+ cafes with a huge fan following of 12,000+ on her Instagram handle. Into the third year of her career, she already has a big team of 20+ to manage and is thankful to HealthPlix to offer a full-filling job yet testing her from time to time. 

The thrill of handling a team size of 20+ helped me become a good trainer, but also made me realize my risk-taking capability. While she is juggling and balancing between two roles, Archita admits that it is the people around her at HealthPlix who have helped her play the balancing act. Archita today is heading and managing the Lead of Incubation -OJT at Healthplix kicked to grow it further. She calls upon Sakshi as one of the best pals at HealthPlix – for her full-of-life spirit, working while eating and living in the moment!

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