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Healthplix Admin

An Arts Graduate who is excelling the art of Customer Relationship Management(CRM) at a Health-tech startup

A town with not more than 5000 inhabitants is still unaware that a hardworking boy would make it this far and make his family proud. Misa – a small town in Palwal district of Haryana, traditionally has relied on agriculture and vegetables business. Majority of families from Misa have a regular lifestyle with families focusing on agricultural activities and managing to eat 2 meals a day.

Karamvir, a small town boy from Misa, Haryana, had a dream to make something of himself and make his family proud. Growing up in a town with a population of less than 5000, Karamvir saw the opportunity to break out of the mold.

While studying for his degree in arts in 2004-5, Karamvir was exposed to the world of call centers and saw it as a way to earn big. Determined to make it, he took an English speaking course to sharpen his skills. This led to his first job at Tata Teleservices, where he worked for several years before moving on to other well-known brands like Airtel, OYO, and Limeroad.

With a decade of experience in customer relationship management and online marketing, Karamvir is now the key SPOC for CRM at Healthplix, a health-tech startup. He manages multiple campaigns every month, dealing with close to 5 million customer profiles, making him an expert in handling customer relationships across different sectors.

Despite his humble beginnings, Karamvir has made a name for himself as a self-made professional, making his parents proud and proving that anything is possible with hard work and determination. He credits his success to his supportive wife and a bit of luck. The locals of Misa would never have thought that one of their own would go on to handle 5 million customer data-points, but Karamvir has done just that.

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