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Dreams, destiny, and going digital – The fascinating story of Niyati!

Health care has taken giant leaps in the last few decades at record speeds, especially in health tech innovations. The mention of healthcare brings to mind doctors in scrubs taking care of patients, with pills, meds, and devices – the host of medical paraphernalia. 

However, one thing that skips our attention is the behind-the-scene drivers of the pharmaceutical industry!

Our brand-new blog series, Pharma Folks, is a way of celebrating the phenomenal people who are mastering the new world dynamics and driving India’s healthcare sector forward.

Our story begins with a 10-year-old child and her dream of becoming an air hostess. She viewed this role as a means of traveling the world, meeting different people, exploring different cultures, and imbibing the best in herself. 

As time moved on, the little girl grew up and began her career as a Human Development Professional. In due course, she found her calling in digital marketing and soon established herself as a successful digital marketer. 

She has been a strong data-driven digital strategist with a keen focus on the confluence of technology, media, and pharma. 

This outstanding marketing professional is highly outcome-focused and believes in the effectiveness of servant leadership.

The term that defines Niyati’s professional spirit

She’s often referred to as a Creative Disruptor! It’s a term she feels rings true because it is exactly what she’s been doing in her role in the Pharma Domain.

As a leader in Digital Marketing, Niyati aspires to build a digitally intelligent ecosystem and use technology to make a meaningful impact, not just in the pharma landscape but also in the lives of the people around her.

While speaking about her working style, the Pharma Digital Marketer says, “I often tell people, when you come to work, bring another you plus build another you.” 

This sounds like quite a powerful belief in building a great work culture!

Coming back to the dreams of little Niyati…

Clearly, Niyati Nagda did not grow up to become an Air Hostess. But was her dream of exploring the world fulfilled?

Her professional journey has taken her places…literally and figuratively. During her stint in the IT industry, she’s had the opportunity to travel extensively across the globe. Her travels broadened her social horizon and she got introduced to the French, Swiss, German, and Southeast Asian cultures – each of them unique and beautiful in its own way.

Niyati has also worked extensively in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe. She’s been instrumental in setting up global business centers in multiple organizations.

Oh, about fulfilling her childhood dreams? 100% achieved!

The accomplishments that she pats herself for

I definitely pat myself for the way I have shaped my career – from an HR professional to a full-fledged digital marketeer (I feel blessed to have been able to ace two very different professional fields). Though the change felt overwhelming in the beginning, I feel happy about my career trajectory!

On a more professional level, I feel proud about having delivered a digital transformation and its successful adoption during the crucial time of the Covid Lockdown. This had a positive impact on the healthcare domain and made the pharma domain more agile during Covid and beyond!

I’d also like to share my purpose-driven achievement in helping and empowering women colleagues – trying to make their struggles a little easier in whatever way I can. This is my way of doing something for the larger good…and giving back to society what’s within my capacity.

Niyati’s take on the future of the healthcare ecosystem

Digital is definitely the way to go! Digital transformation is happening at an unprecedented rate – and today most of us are spending a massive amount of time on various digital platforms. The healthcare industry is also riding the digital revolution and is witnessing innovation in various fields such as Diagnostics, Treatments, and Continuous Health Monitoring systems. With the proliferation of digital innovations, the health data available has also increased manifold. The more we imbibe and funnel it in an optimized manner, the easier it is to build an intelligent ecosystem. 

I believe that with the proliferation of Digital Innovations, Data will multiply even faster. This entire paradigm provides an opportunity for marketers to leverage this world of data-driven decision-making in every aspect of their business. For example, in just 2 decades the US has seen an exponential increase in EMR Adoption, due to technological and policy changes. A similar change is going to happen in India as well, the question is when.

We can no longer shy away from numbers. If we have to run the transformation game, the data should be the Bible! Digital data-driven transformation is the way to accelerate growth.

Words of wisdom before we conclude this story

“In order to be happy and successful at work, be authentic, be yourself, bring your whole self to work. 

I would urge all the young people out there to build their own personal board of directors – it makes navigating life easier, even when faced with tough situations and choices.”

  • Niyati Nagda
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