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Tune in to all the updates and developments that are helping healthcare practitioners steer their practice ahead.

The Plixians are absolutely thrilled to see our Co-founder and CEO being recognised as one of the Top 40 Business Leaders in India by Fortune India Business Magazine. As HealthPlix marches forward in pioneering a digital transformation in India, Sandeep believes that, “If you have to bring in better health outcomes, you either focus on the 1.3 billion population or the 273,000 practicing doctors” and as a “doctor-first” organization, we have already empowered over 10000 doctors who have treated close to 2 crore patients. And we have just got started on a mission towards delivering better health outcomes at a population level. Read More.

Monkeypox spreads to 24 nations – Is the next pandemic looming?

It may be too early to say whether the recent monkeypox outbreak, which has spread to 24 nations with over 435 confirmed cases, could lead to a global pandemic. According to WHO, the cases can be curbed with medical intervention, as this virus doesn’t transmit or mutate as easily as other viruses like Covid-19. Read More.

West Nile Fever and Tomato Flu – New diseases in Kerala

West Nile Fever has claimed one life in Thrissur while Tomato Flu has infected nearly 100 children below the age of 5 years. West Nile Fever is not air-borne like coronavirus and can’t be transmitted via close contact. Tomato Flu, characterized by red blisters, can be treated with early detection. Right now, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are also on alert for possible infections. Read More.

One of the leading nephrologists of the country, Dr. Sanjeev Gulati, has been on the HealthPlix EMR platform for over 3 years and he strongly believes that it has deeply impacted his practice and helped patients with complex chronic kidney conditions. 

Read an inspiring account about one of his teenage patients here.

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