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Newsletter Dec 2022

Hi Doctor, 

Wow, what a joyful month it’s been! We’ve had Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and even a bit of holiday cheer in between. It’s been the perfect time to spread joy across our community of doctors—and we did just that with our #docsanta campaign.

We’re so proud of all the amazing things you’ve done so far this year (and all the amazing things you’ll do in 2023!). You’re not only helping patients get better—you’re helping us grow as a company. We are grateful!

Here is what we have been up to in the last month…

Dec 2022 newsletter

HealthPlix In Spotlight

“How digital health technologies are transforming family doctor patient relationships”

Living in a complex world of diseases, doctors today need the power of digital tools to drive better health outcomes and enhance their relationships with their patients. A well-informed doctor can better manage a family’s health if they have access to updated health information and working relations with specialty doctors.

In this edition of the newsletter, we put the spotlight on “How digital health technologies are transforming family doctor patient relationships” an article written by Prashant Parmar – Head – Doctor Growth, HealthPlix for Firstpost – A Network18 publication.

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Type 2 Diabetic

Type 2 diabetes: Metformin may significantly lower risk of joint replacement

A study found that metformin can significantly lower the risk of joint replacement among those with type 2 diabetes.Read here

News 2

Study reveals increase in incidence rates of renal replacement therapy attributed to nephrosclerosis

Japanese study reveals that the incidence rates of renal replacement therapy (RRT) due to nephrosclerosis have increased considerably.  Read here

Indiranill Dutta Cardiologist

Praising HealthPlix, Dr.Dutta said ‘Platforms like HealthPlix EMR are very powerful to extend care to remote areas. Due to timely record-keeping, a doctor has enough history about a patient on HealthPlix EMR and can help people who are in far-off locations. It is always better to consult with your treating physician who is aware of your case history and HealthPlix EMR enables that with its online consultations and telehealth features.’ 

Read the complete story HERE

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