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Top 10 Clinic Management Software in India 2023

With an increase in sedentary lifestyles and healthcare problems, the number of patients a doctor sees daily has also increased. In this scenario, it can be very difficult to keep track of every patient’s medical records and prescriptions. What can you, as a doctor, do in this case to better manage your clinic? Take the help of clinic management software, of course!

Clinic management software integrates information online regarding a patient’s medical history, prescriptions, appointments, etc. It makes managing a clinic much easier.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of physically managing papers containing a patient’s medical records – take a look at our list of the ten best clinic management software in the Indian market.

10 Best Clinic Management Software in the Indian Market


The preferred choice of over 10,000 doctors in India, HealthPlix is a free clinic management software in India that provides an AI-powered EMR platform. It uses a doctor-first approach and is extremely easy to use.

It helps doctors provide top-quality services to patients with an accurate diagnosis and manage their records digitally. It enables doctors to deliver medicine prescriptions online in 30 seconds in more than 14 languages.

HealthPlix also has an app called HealthPlix SPOT. It enables doctors to provide online consultations to patients in 16 different specialties. All this is done without compromising the privacy of patients’ data.


With its EMR platform, this clinic management software in India enables doctors to provide virtual clinic services to patients. Not only this, it enables doctors to have a quick look at digitally stored patient records before an appointment with a patient.

More focused on a patient’s engagement, DocOn ensures complete secureness of a patient’s medical records and also offers a 15-day free trial.

The software helps doctors provide a precise diagnosis in 20 specialties and get the medicines delivered to the patient’s home at discounted rates.

Medanta eClinic

This clinic management software helps doctors working in Medanta Hospital to connect digitally with patients with the help of smartphones, laptops, and computers. Through its EMR platform, doctors provide healthcare services in about 40 specialties.

Doctors can order lab tests online and provide a diagnosis based on their results. They can also provide a second opinion about the diagnosis and treatment of a disease.

While doing this, all the data of patients received by doctors is kept secure.


This cloud-based clinic management software helps doctors manage their clinics better and deliver cutting-edge healthcare services. Besides clinics, it assists hospitals, pharmacies, and labs.

DocPlulse helps over 3,500 doctors coordinate with other healthcare departments regarding a patient’s medical records. It also aids doctors in writing prescriptions quickly and keeping track of their upcoming appointments without any hassle.

DocPluse offers a free trial for a few days before it becomes paid.


This clinic management software offers an advanced EMR platform that helps clinics and hospitals switch from pen-and-paper mode to paperless-and-digital one concerning every patient’s data.

It has a user-friendly interface that helps doctors deliver high-quality healthcare services to patients. It also aids doctors in extending their reach to more patients.

Doctors and patients can use KareXpert on any smart device for a free period of 30 days before they need to opt for a subscription plan.

Practo Ray

A clinic management software that helps doctors (with its EMR platform) answer the queries that patients have regarding their diagnosis and treatment plan.

Practo Ray helps doctors connect with patients digitally to provide personalized healthcare services without the trouble of managing paperwork. It also helps the patients conveniently schedule and reschedule appointments with available doctors.

Practo Ray offers a free trial to doctors for a few days before they need to subscribe to a paid subscription plan, according to their convenience.

QMarksoft Clinic Management

A clinic management software that provides an EMR platform to doctors to keep track of their patient’s health history. Besides individual practitioners, it can be used by hospitals, pharmacies, pathological labs, etc.

It assists doctors with online diagnostic testing and report generation, followed by keeping a record of it so that doctors can discuss its results with their patients in the upcoming appointment.

Doctors need to buy a monthly subscription plan of Qmarksoft clinic management software before they can use it in hybrid modes – online and offline.

Fusion Web Clinic

This clinic management software specializes in helping doctors provide healthcare services in the field of pediatrics, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and many more therapies.

It schedules the appointment of doctors with the help of calendars and provides them with timely reminders about their appointments. Moreover, it helps doctors to update their records of patient data after the appointment has taken place.

Fusion Web Clinic is a paid clinic management software, and doctors need to buy a subscription plan every month to use it.


With its EMR platform, this clinic management software helps the doctor provide healthcare services in over 20 specialties to patients. Some of them include gynecology, obstetrics, ENT, etc.

It helps the doctor coordinate with testing labs concerning the report of a patient’s test. Not only this, it also assists doctors in keeping track of the diagnostic reports and the number of times online consultation has taken place with a patient.

Doctors need to buy MediXcel’s subscription plan to be able to use it.


A clinic management software that assists the clinics and multi-specialty hospitals with its EMR platform. It is highly secure and protects every patient’s data from unauthorized sources.

It specializes in helping doctors manage patient medical records and provide online consultations at their convenience. Moreover, it assists in enhancing patient engagement by letting them view their medical records and book appointments easily at any time.

DocEngage offers a free trial to doctors, at the end of which they can buy a monthly or annual subscription plan.


Clinic management software comes with many benefits, like digital management of patients’ previous medical records, prescription records, appointment records, diagnostic report records, etc.

Want to enjoy the above advantages, increase your reach, and not have to deal with medical data physically anymore? Then, register on clinic management software like HealthPlix today!

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