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Tired of Patients Missing Follow-ups? EMR Can Help!

It’s not uncommon for patients to skip their follow-up appointments with doctors, and there are many reasons for it. Sometimes, when their symptoms go away, patients may assume they no longer need the treatment. Or they could be just too busy to remember the follow-up appointment.

EMR for doctors can improve patient engagement and retention by allowing better patient communication throughout the treatment process, including sending reminders for follow-ups.

Why are Follow-up Appointments Crucial for Doctors and Patients?

When patients don’t return for subsequent appointments, it disrupts their treatment process, not to mention the loss of valuable time for the concerned doctors. Even the best doctors can’t ensure continuity of quality medical care if they can’t keep up with their patients after the initial session.

A patient that doesn’t receive end-to-end care for their health issues may end up in a worsened condition down the road. As a result, patient care is severely compromised.

Furthermore, this can negatively impact the doctor’s reputation and long-term relationship with the patient.

Hence, patients must seek the full treatment course, especially the high-risk ones.

EMR in India

EMR for doctors is a more organized way to manage all their appointments, allowing them to focus on the new patients without forgetting about the old ones. This directly impacts the standard of care you’re able to provide.

It’s one of the key reasons we’re committed to popularising the adoption of EMR in India.

EMR automatically sends reminders to patients who have a follow-up appointment coming up. It can also help you personalize these reminders and add more valuable information for the patients that prompts them further to come for the appointment.

How efficiently new and repeat appointments are scheduled and managed plays a big role in determining the success and growth of a clinic. It’s not just about increasing the footfall but also establishing a stronger, trust-based relationship with the patients.

HealthPlix EMR helps streamline various day-to-day administrative tasks of a clinic, scheduling appointments and reminders being a key one.

You no longer have to burden your staff with the task of coordinating with patients scheduled for follow-up appointments. HealthPlix EMR will take care of sending reminders to patients on your behalf. This will give your staff the time to become more productive by investing their time in other administrative areas.

Considering how busy your staff and your patients tend to be, letting HealthPlix EMR take care of the revisit reminders means expedience for all. It offers you a great way to show patients that you care about their complete recovery.

Moreover, because the platform also offers seamless and centralized management of patient records, it will quickly bring you up-to-date when a patient shows up for their follow-up visit.

From previous prescriptions to patient history, all documents are easily available for you to view. This, combined with your discussion with the patient, will make it convenient for you to decide the next steps in treatment.

HealthPlix EMR in India can help you minimize the issue of no-show patients, not only helping you save valuable time but also letting you provide consistent superior patient care. In doing so, we support you in running your practice with greater efficiency and success.

EMR for Doctors

Following up with patients is an essential part of patient care. It’s helpful when a trusted EMR takes care of this significant aspect. EMR can help ensure that patients don’t miss their follow-up appointments. It lets doctors stay in touch with their patients after their first visit.

Simple, timely, and automatic reminders by EMR save time for everyone.

Get your patients to attend their scheduled follow-up appointments with the help of HealthPlix EMR. Designed specifically with doctors’ needs in mind, HealthPlix is the best EMR in India, empowering 10000+ doctors around the country to deliver higher quality patient care through digitization.

It’s FREE to use, so you can sign up and start using it right away.

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