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Ideas for giving your clinic a grand opening

You have had a successful medical practice all these years, but you’ve begun to feel your clinic and practice lack the zing and enthusiasm they used to have. You may have seen many younger doctors and new clinics investing in practice management software, other software for doctors, the latest technology, and uplifting interiors. Though you may have a flourishing practice, every medical practice needs an upgrade from time to time.

If the need for revamping a medical practice echoes with you, we’ve got some interesting tips to help you upgrade your practice and have a grand clinic opening.

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    Is it time to upgrade your practice?

    Successful practitioners often get comfortable and complacent with medical practices as the years pass. However, to keep up with the current generation and ongoing trends and technology, every medical practitioner must upgrade their practice from time to time.

    Wondering if it is time to upgrade your practice? Here are some pointers highlighting that you should consider it:

    • When you begin facing a lack of space, it is a sign that your practice is unable to manage the number of patients.
    • Your staff, patients, or even your loved ones feel that your practice isn’t looking aesthetic enough or requires a freshening appearance.
    • Put yourself in your patient’s shoes. If you find flaws, it’s time to upgrade!
    • If you or other physicians in your practice are constantly running behind schedule or the waiting times in your practice have grown exceptionally long, you need to draw out plans for upgrading your medical practice. Begin with investment in technologies like patient management software.

    When upgrading your practice, it is natural to wonder, “Where do we begin?”. Well, the best place to begin is in your patient’s feedback. Patients’ suggestions for improvement help doctors determine what upgrades their practice needs.

    Here are a few suggestions for what you can upgrade in your practice to bring it up to date:

    • Improve productivity by investing in practice management software that includes billing, revenue management, and electronic medical records.
    • Increase the seating capacity in your waiting rooms, so your patients are always comfortable.
    • Uplift the interiors of your clinic to make it aesthetically appealing to your patients. Bringing an experienced interior designer on board may be a good idea to help optimize the space inside the clinic while keeping it functional.
    • Add additional consulting and examination rooms if you are looking to increase the number of consultants visiting your practice.
    • Upgrade your clinic website and boost your social media marketing.
    • Upgrade your equipment, tools, and machines.
    • Discuss with your tech team about investment in other latest software for doctors that minimize process complexities and boost productivity.

     To do away with all issues you face without an EMR, adopt practice management software like HealthPlix that offer several benefits:

    • Average 20% increase in footfalls per day, enabling you to treat more patients.
    • Better patient retention and loyalty with increased follow-ups.
    • Get prescriptions in 14 local languages and improve customer delight.
    • AI technology that assists in creating prescriptions in less than 30 seconds.
    • Improved management of patient records, engagement, and revenue.

    Tips for your revamped grand clinic opening

    Now that your clinic is revamped with the latest technology and interiors, it’s time for a grand opening. The aim of having a grand clinic opening is branding, creating a buzz around your revamped practice, and building relationships.

    Here are a few things to do before your grand opening:

    • Pick a date

    While picking a date for your clinic’s grand opening may seem like the easiest task, it may be crucial. Have your clinic operational for at least a week or two before its grand opening to ensure it is well-equipped and ready to receive guests. Avoid holidays for your clinic’s grand opening, as most people will be unavailable then.

    •  Get all necessary permissions for your event.

    Every city or town has rules about events and programs. Depending on the size of your clinic’s grand opening, it is highly recommended that you get the required permissions for your event. Inform the local authorities about the number of expected attendees, the date, time, and noise levels you expect.

    • Set a budget

    Though you may be tempted to spend a lot of money on your clinic’s grand opening, around 20% of your annual market spend can be a good amount to set aside for the event. It is essential to have enough budget for this event so that you can target the critical stakeholders, especially patients, with ads, small favours and other forms of marketing, including:

    –       Social media marketing

    –       Newspaper ads

    –       Radio ads

    –       Flyers for the grand opening

    –       Discount Coupons

    –       New clinic name banner

    –      Website upgrade

    •  Invitation list

    Create an invitation list that includes all your existing patients, potential patients, physicians, officials from the local municipal government, and your family and friends. Use LinkedIn and your social media to invite these groups of people. Being on your clinic’s opening invitation list makes these people feel important, and they are more likely to be loyal to your brand and extend a helping hand whenever required.

    •  Keep name tags and other branding items ready.

    From name tags to visiting cards, brochures, leaflets, and some small gifts branded with your clinic’s name or logo are a must during your grand opening. These are a subtle reminder of your clinic and help in greeting and networking with important stakeholders.

    The benefits of this grand opening don’t end with it. To ensure you make the most of everyone’s participation in your clinic’s opening, send out thank you cards or emails to each attendee, share clinic opening pictures on your social media to gain some traction, and get your word out there as much as possible. Investing in practice management software is a great place to begin upgrading your practice. Connect with us to learn more about HealthPlix!

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