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6 Important Questions to Ask When Implementing a New EMR

Are you a medical practitioner looking for a holistic EMR software platform that can help manage your clinic more efficiently? We have the perfect solution for you. 

The healthcare system in India is undergoing a rapid transformation, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. The digital way of life is no more a luxury in Tier 1 cities. From metros to rural India, people are fast embracing digital solutions as a part of their daily lives. Doctors and patients are becoming more open to digital services in the healthcare domain. Now if you run a clinic and are wondering how to digitize your practice with the best EMR for Doctors, let us first tackle a few basic questions regarding EMR.

What is an EMR Software?

Simply put, Electronic Medical Record is a software that automates your clinic’s documentation process, storage and retrieval of patient data and records, and billing process and helps manage your practice on one platform. One of the key purposes of using EMR software is to improve healthcare outcomes by making it easier for doctors to manage their practice more efficiently without being burdened with operational and administrative responsibilities. Another important thing about Electronic Medical Record is that it helps increase the accessibility of patient records and health data leading to more accurate diagnosis in much lesser time, thereby optimizing patient care! 

Critical questions to ask before implementing an EMR system 

  1. Is the software specifically designed for Doctors? 

As a doctor, you should choose an EMR for Doctors. Such a platform will have a host of features that are doctor-friendly and will help boost your practice and manage your clinic according to your needs as a medical practitioner. It will enable you to connect with your patients seamlessly and strengthen patient retention, patient compliance, and the doctor-patient relationship. HealthPlix is India’s most trusted doctor-first EMR enabling doctors to digitize their practice to deliver better health outcomes and excellent patient experience. 

    2. Is there an EMR integration cost involved in implementing the software?

The EMR price or the EMR integration cost often depends upon all the infrastructural setup required to integrate it. While some software systems come with a subscription cost, one of the best EMR systems of 2022, HealthPlix, is absolutely FREE for doctors. There is a bare minimum infrastructure required to use this software, namely a computer system, a smartphone, and data connectivity – All of which are anyway present in even the most basic clinics in India. You may also need a printer to print out prescriptions in 14 regional language options. 

HealthPlix EMR is not just free for doctors, it is also extremely user-friendly. If you can handle WhatsApp, using HealthPlix EMR will be a cakewalk!

      3. Is my patient data safe with the EMR service provider?

Data security is one of the most critical aspects of the best-in-class EMR software solutions. When using an EMR for your clinic, patient confidentiality, and data security are a must. Always make sure you choose an EMR for doctors that come with high-grade encryption so that only you can access your patient’s data and no one else. With HealthPlix EMR, what happens in your clinic stays in your clinic. No confidential and personal data is accessed by or shared with any 3rd party.

     4. Will this EMR implementation help my practice grow?

What is the point of digitizing your practice if it won’t help increase your patient footfall or online consultations? A good EMR solution will not only enable you to automate your administrative processes and documentation but also help accelerate your practice and garner greater revenue. With HealthPlix, you can grow your patient footfall by over 20%. If you want to know how, join one of our free and exclusive webinar sessions.

     5. Is there a customer service team to train my support staff?

Before initiating any EMR integration, make sure you check the kind of customer service the company provides. As a doctor, you are in the business of saving lives. So, long delays in customer support can actually be a very critical issue. The best EMR 2022 should have a dedicated team to help doctors and their support staff with a detailed demo and training. It should have a helpline number to call for assistance. There should be open channels of communication between the doctor and the EMR service provider. 

If you want an EMR for Doctors that meet all these criteria, HealthPlix is the answer to your EMR search. 

Connect with the HealthPlix Team for a demo.

    6. Can I use this EMR for consultations on the go?

While web EMR software allows you to conduct online consultations on your computer device, it is important for you to know if there is a mobile EMR version of the service or not. A mobile EMR enables doctors to consult patients anytime, anywhere. It also helps doctors update their patients about real time changes in appointment schedules or share follow-up reminders. This leads to better patient experience and follow-up adherence. HealthPlix SPOT is a mobile EMR that gives you the freedom to consult on the move. So, even if you are away from your clinic, you don’t have to miss consultations. Want to see how easy it is to set up a virtual clinic and consult on the go? Download HealthPlix SPOT.

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