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3 Secret Tips used by Successful Doctors to Improve Footfall at Clinic – Tip 1 – EMR

Cutthroat competition is present in every industry, especially the healthcare industry. And this can make it very difficult for you, as a doctor, to successfully establish your footing.

With so many options for clinics and hospitals available for patients to choose from, your clinic can get lost in the competition and go unnoticed.

But successful doctors don’t face this problem. They always have their appointments full. They also have a constant stream of patients trickling into their clinic.

Do you wonder how they make this possible? The answer’s simple!

They employ some very useful tips that make their clinic a success.

Want to know what these secret tips are that carry the potential to make patients flock to your clinic? Keep reading!

Tip 1 – EMR
EMR for Doctors

EMR or Electronic Medical Records are records that store a patient’s medical history digitally. By using EMR software, you won’t need to deal with the hassle of paperwork anymore.

An EMR software for doctors will help you manage your clinic efficiently. This software lets you digitally access information about your patient’s health history, diagnosis, prescriptions, treatment plans, etc. This will save you time, and access to all this information will help you make an accurate patient diagnosis.

Besides this, EMR software will help your patients in scheduling appointments, give out timely reminders for upcoming appointments, and even let them access their medical records digitally whenever they feel like seeing them.

So, just like successful doctors, do you also want to improve your bonding with patients and increase patient traffic to your clinic?

Trying out free EMR software in India, like HealthPlix, can help you with that. The preferred choice of over 10,000 doctors, we at HealthPlix, can help you, as a doctor, deliver top-notch patient care services.

We not only provide the facilities mentioned above at HealthPlix but also ensure complete privacy of medical data. Using our EMR platform, you can deliver prescriptions in 30 seconds in more than 14 languages.

Besides saving time, this will help you attend to more patients in a day.

Tip 2 – Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing for Clinics

Digital marketing, if done effectively, can help draw a lot of patients to your clinic. If you don’t know how to – you can start digital marketing – by picking any one medium and diversifying to the others given below.

Website and Blogs

Creating a website will help more people know that your clinic exists.

Regularly posting blogs on health problems, bursting myths about diseases, etc., will give them an idea about your expertise as a doctor.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Setting up your Google My Business profile and optimizing your website will help your clinic and its details appear at the top of the Google page whenever anyone searches about clinics available in the area you live.

Social Media

Look at the demographics of people who visit you and decide if social media can help. For instance, if your patients are majorly between 20-40 years, you need to establish an active social media presence.

Regularly posting informative posts about health on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., can help to increase your reach towards more people of the 20-40 age group.

Videos and Podcasts

Uploading videos on YouTube about the area of healthcare you practice in and appearing as a guest speaker on established people’s podcasts will help spread awareness about you and your clinic.

Moreover, giving opinions on health diseases on news channels will result in more people coming to know that you are a doctor and the location of your clinic.

Tip 3 – Networking and Referrals

To establish a great network of people who know you -participate in local health-related seminars and events. If you get an opportunity to speak at those events as a doctor, don’t hesitate – it will help your clinic become more visible locally.

At such events, if you also get an opportunity to set up a booth – use it to offer free clinical checkups and advice. This will increase the probability of more people visiting your clinic for health checkups.

Besides this, if you come across a case – dealing with whom is outside the area of your expertise, you can reach out to the other members of the healthcare community.

You can even refer that case to those doctors who are more qualified than you. This will increase the possibility of you receiving a referral for those cases in which you are more skilled than other doctors.


In this world of intense competition, you need to make more efforts than others – learn from the life of doctors with successful clinics – to yourself establish a flourishing clinic.

By following in the footsteps of successful doctors and using the same tips they used to set up a well-known clinic (using EMR software like HealthPlix, practicing digital marketing, networking, and giving and receiving referrals), you can also increase footfall at your clinic.

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