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HealthPlix India’s Largest EMR Platform

HealthPlix India’s largest EMR platform presents “EMR Adoption Landscape – India view – “2020-2022”

The company that pioneered the digitization of healthcare through its future-ready AI-powered EMR platform for doctors in India, releases first of kind EMR landscape highlighting the growth of EMR adoption in tinsel towns of Bharat. 

According to the company, the adoption of its EMR platform has been consistently growing, esp. in the past 3 years. The pandemic induced growth saw cities beyond metro’s witnessing a “hockey stick growth” since the start of 2020. 

Further, the EMR Hotspots map indicates only two metro cities ranking for average growth in the Top 15 cities for the year 2022. EMR Hotspots are cities which have high EMR penetration and doctors from these cities prefer digital medical records over traditional pen and paper. Surprisingly, Satara from Maharashtra tops the list of Top15 cities for EMR adoption in India for the year 2022. 

In line with the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, the growth in EMR adoption is a healthy sign. EMR is the foundation for the healthcare industry to thrive and is the much needed digital tool doctors in the country can rely on. 

HealthPlix currently empowers 10K+ doctors to drive better health outcomes for their patients by providing clinical decision support at the point of care. More than 22 million patients have been treated using the HealthPlix EMR platform by doctors practicing across 16 specialities. HealthPlix doctor base and network spans across 370+ cities in India making it the trusted EMR platform for doctors in the country. 

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