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HealthPlix EMR: Why have 10000+ Doctors implemented it for clinic management?

The healthcare sector is undergoing a rapid transformation and digitization is at the center of this change. In fact, the Covid 19 pandemic has proven to be a disruptor of the healthcare sector in India and has pushed the nation into faster digitization!

Webinar for Doctors

With the acceleration of this digital healthcare revolution, EMR software services are now necessary to keep up with this trend. It helps doctors deliver better patient care and improve the operational efficiency of their private practice. 

How is HealthPlix championing digital healthcare?

While there are numerous players competing for dominance in this space, the only company that is at the forefront of this field with a Doctor-First Approach is HealthPlix – India’s only EMR platform built exclusively for Doctors. 

Each feature of this doctor-first software is aimed to provide a solution to the problems unique to the medical practitioners and private clinics in India. 

Why should doctors attend the Free EMR-centric Webinar conducted by HealthPlix?

Because it will help you understand why this AI-powered EMR is absolutely vital for your practice in recent times. The session will help you understand how this system works and what it can do for the doctors who use it. 

HealthPlix conducts bi-monthly webinars for doctors who are keen to use this unique AI-powered EMR platform to boost their practice, digitize their clinic, and increase daily online consultations by as much as 20%!

Yes, it’s proven that using HealthPlix EMR can increase patient footfall by 20%. The platform is extremely user-friendly and very easy to use. All a doctor has to do is, register, authenticate his clinic with a few basic details and start consultations using EMR. 

In this Live Webinar you will understand:

  • EMR and its key benefits
  • How HealthPlix enables doctors to increase their consultations by 20%
  • Setting up your virtual clinic and build a digital presence
  • Writing Rx in 30 seconds
  • Manage your consultation payments
  • Deliver a better patient experience.

It is a highly engaging 60-minute session and you can clear all your doubts and find answers to all the questions you may have about implementing EMR in your practice. 

This is just scratching the surface of all that the HealthPlix EMR for Doctors can do for you. If you wish to explore the features and benefits of this EMR and how you can gain an advantage over your peers, join our upcoming webinar.

What will you gain from this webinar?

Simply put, you will find the easiest way to take your practice to the next level without additional infrastructural change or expenditure.

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