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Guidelines and Eligibility Requirements to open a clinic

With the scarcity of hospitals and clinics still present in India, the prospect of opening a clinic or a hospital in India sounds great.

However, to turn this notion into a reality, you need to put in a lot of hard work – acquire several documents/certifications from the central government and state ministries.

To smoothen out the long-drawn-out approval process and make it a bit easier – we have compiled a list of the guidelines and requirements you will need to meet to open a hospital or a clinic.

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    Cost Requirements 

    Before starting with the process of acquiring certifications, you need to set up a large fund to meet the cost requirements for opening a clinic/hospital.

    The cost for opening a clinic starts from five lakhs, and it is more than one crore for opening a hospital. This includes the cost of government approval, rooms, medical equipment, medicines, hospital/clinic building, etc.

    Infrastructure Requirements

    For infrastructure, a doctor’s clinic will require a consultation room of at least 100 square feet.

    Infrastructure Requirements

    But, the space needs can change depending on the services you provide. Keep in mind – the space needed will increase with each specialty you add and be governed by the relevant rules.

    Other than this, you will require the following approvals for your clinic or hospital:

    • Certificate of completion
    • Certificate for occupancy
    • A copy of Fire NOC – provided the building of the hospital/clinic is taller than 15 meters.
    • A rent agreement – provided you rent the space for your clinic/hospital

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    Licensing Requirements 

    According to the criteria set by Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2017 – a registration certificate is a must for opening a single doctor-manned clinic or a large multi-specialty hospital.

    Besides this, you will also need to acquire registration of your hospital/clinic under:

    • Companies Act, 2013
    • Societies Registration Act, 2001

    Drug Licensing Requirements

    In case you wish to have a pharmacy attached to your clinic/hospital, you will require:

    • A retail license from the Drug Controller (Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940)
    • Permission from the District Collector to sell medication in the form of pills or through injections

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    Drug Licensing

    Miscellaneous Permit Requirements

    Besides the above licenses, you will also need to acquire:

    • A permit from the state government for installing incinerators and drainage systems to dispose of the biomedical and sewage waste
    • Consent from the local authorities to have adequate provision of water and electricity supply
    • Fire safety and health license from the state’s Health Ministry
    • Vehicle registration from the Trasport department of the state for ambulances
    • A permit from the Department of FSSAI for cooking food in the hospital’s kitchen

    Medical Employees’ Related Requirements

    The employees you will hire must possess the following registrations:

    • For doctors and other specialists – registration from State Medical Council
    • For pharmacists – registration by the Pharmacy Board
    • For nurses – registration from the Nursing Council
    • For dentists – registration by the Dental Council
    • For psychologists – registration from the Rehabilitation Council of India

    Keeping a record of all this registration information can feel arduous, but so can keeping a record of different patients’ medical histories after establishing a clinic/hospital.

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    The End Note

    With an increase in population growth and paucity of clinics/hospitals, establishing a hospital/clinic – though a commendable initiative – requires a lot of effort, funds, completing lengthy paperwork, acquiring different licenses from local authorities, and dedication towards meticulously meeting all the eligibility requirements.

    Although you can’t change anything about the eligibility requirements, you can, however, opt to make your journey a smooth sail post opening a clinic/hospital. You can do this by registering on HealthPlix, a clinic management software famous for helping over 10,000 doctors provide top-notch patient care facilities.

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