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EMR Replacement – What Challenges Must You Be Prepared

Over time, EMR software in India can start dysfunctioning by creating hurdles in entering patient data, freezing up in the middle of an ongoing appointment, failing to transfer prescription information to the pharmacy, etc.

This makes replacing faulty EMR software with top EMR software the need of the hour.

But the replacement of EMR software is not an easy task; it is accompanied by a unique set of challenges, such as the ones mentioned below.

Reluctance and High Expectations of Clinical Staff

Since the doctors and other clinical and non-clinical staff already know their way around the existing EMR software, replacing it can bring a sense of uncertainty and reluctance about switching over to a new EMR software in some of the medical personnel.

At the same time, some doctors and staff members can have high expectations regarding the performance of the new EMR software.

Hence, it’s crucial that you deal with the reluctance and expectations of the medical personnel of your clinic before replacing the current EMR system to ensure a smooth EMR replacement process.

Temporary Loss of Productivity

When you opt to replace the current EMR software, the medical personnel in your clinic will require some time to get used to the new EMR software. Some people may even require training to understand the functioning of the new EMR software.

The time taken to understand the know-how of the new EMR system can lead to a temporary loss in productivity in clinical work.

Time-Consuming Data Migration

Migrating data from the previous to the new EMR for doctors involves three steps and can be time-consuming:

  • The first step is extracting the medical data from the faulty EMR software. When the extraction is going on, breaks and pauses can happen, especially if your EMR is dysfunctioning.
  • The second step is transmitting medical data to the new EMR software. Since large files containing medical data need to be transmitted – they can take up a lot of time.
  • The third step is loading the files in the new EMR software. During this time, it is essential to keep an eye on the format of the files since chances of file format changing exist.
Finding an Innovative EMR Vendor

Technology remains in a constant state of evolution at all times. What seemed novel and innovative the previous month can appear as old news this month because of the consistent development of technological innovations.

Thus, when you are planning to replace EMR software, it is necessary to find (even though it can be arduous) EMR vendors who keep updating their EMR software constantly (as per the innovations in the field of EMR) so that you can get the best EMR software in India.

The End Note

Replacing EMR software can be very challenging. But replacing the current EMR with top EMR software in India like HealthPlix can make the obstacles or challenges easier to overcome.

HealthPlix is a free EMR software that is very easy to use. It is preferred by over 10,000 doctors thanks to its doctor-first approach. Additionally, due to its feature of interoperability, it helps doctors deliver prescriptions in 30 seconds in more than 14 different languages and also helps improve the quality of patient care services.

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