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10 best EMR software in India

If you are a medical practitioner running your private clinic, going digital with an EMR for doctors is the best way to manage your OPD and clinic operations, while making sure that all your patient data are secure and accessed only by you. 

What is EMR software?

EMR or Electronic Medical Records software helps medical practitioners, especially those running private clinics manage their practice and the related healthcare functions more efficiently. EMRs facilitate date management, clinic appointments, patient tracking, and data preservation. A really powerful and featured-loaded EMR for doctors can give a significant boost to your practice and grow your daily clinic footfall. 

If you are planning to implement an EMR system for your practice, here is a list of the top 10 EMRs in India to help you make the right choice. 

A list of top 10 EMRs in India

HealthPlix EMR
HealthPlix EMR

This is an advanced AI-powered EMR that has been developed specifically for doctors. It is an extremely easy-to-use EMR platform, designed with a Doctor-first approach. HealthPlix also has a mobile EMR app called the HealthPlix SPOT. It enables doctors to consult on the go. It caters to 16+ specialities, prints Rx in 14 regional languages, and delivers a delightful patient experience in the most efficient manner – increasing daily consultation footfall. Use of HealthPlix EMR has proven to improve daily online as well as offline clinic footfall by 20%.

HealthPlix is the first choice of EMR for 10,000+ doctors in India. It ensures 100% data security. The best part? HealthPlix EMR for Doctors is absolutely FREE.


This is a cloud-based software platform for medical practitioners, labs, hospitals, and pharmacies. Like HealthPlix EMR, this telemedicine platform helps healthcare providers be more productive, and deliver patient-friendly healthcare. 

With this clinic management tool, Doctors can easily coordinate with other departments and share medical health records. The software helps write prescriptions faster and keeps bills and other calculations maintained digitally.

You can either take a free trial or request pricing details.


This is an EMR platform that helps the doctor to transform their clinic digitally and enable better patient care via virtual clinic services. It supports high-quality doctor-patient interaction. DocOn’s EMR features include CRM, Billing, Patient Modules, and Reception for better patient engagement. DocOn’s e-pharmacy and e-diagnostic network allow doctors to facilitate medicine home delivery at discounted prices.

Users can enjoy a 15-day free trial and the full version of the EMR at Rs 6000/year


This software system helps in EMR and clinic management, especially in multispeciality hospitals. It improves the facility’s medical billing service. Praxify’s practice management system is one of the key features of this software. It is useful in hospitals where several departments interact and share the health data of patients to enable treatment. 

Praxify charges a nominal fee of Rs 120/user/month

Medanta EMR

Medanta EMR, a.k.a  Medanta eCLINIC enables doctors in the Medanta Hospital network to securely access to patients’ EMR, refer patients to other doctors in the hospitals, and keep the medical practitioners connected to their teams on their smartphones. Much like the HealthPlix SPOT app, teleconsultations are easy with Medanta. Patients can consult doctors from anywhere, as long as the two parties are online on a smartphone or computer screen.

Medanta eCLINIC is a noteworthy patient EMR app connecting users to their doctors, wherever they are

Practo Ray

Trusted by more than 5 million users across the world, Practo Ray is a practice management software that helps in managing clinics better and offers a seamless experience to patients. 

There is a free trial version and users can choose to purchase a subscription according to their requirements anytime during the trial period or even later. 

The subscription fee ranges from Rs 999 to 3999 per month.


This integrated Digital Healthcare Platform has a built-in EMR/EHR that helps enterprise hospitals go paperless. It is a cloud-based mobile-friendly software funded by Jio! KareXpert, like HealthPlix, aims to help medical practitioners deliver high-quality healthcare and patient experience. This EMR gives a 30-day free trial after which medical institutions can choose a subscription pack based on their feature requirements and budget.

Notation Matrix 

This is a feature-packed Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software aimed to cater to the record-keeping needs of Agencies and Enterprises. Notation Matrix provides end-to-end solutions for Windows. Much like HealthPlix EMR, this software helps in Appointment Scheduling, Initial Assessments, and Charting. It also helps big hospitals in Claims Management.

The basic subscription cost of this software is about $37.97 per month. 

Fusion Web Clinic

This is a unique clinic management software designed specifically for PT, OT, & Speech therapy specializations. 

It helps clinics with useful real-time clinic performance insights, custom-built pediatric templates,  clinic calendar scheduling, and billing. This is a fully featured EMR for pediatric practices. 

The subscription cost of this EMR pack starts at $29/user/month plus applicable taxes.

Napier Healthcare Solution

This software has been specifically designed for nursing home management and it comes with a fully-featured EMR service. It facilitates the seamless working of the nursing home with services such as appointment scheduling, data processing and more. 

There is a free trial and this software comes with a subscription fee model without any upfront license fee.

If you wish to digitize your practice and know more about implementing an advanced easy-to-use EMR without any additional investment, join our upcoming free webinar, exclusively for Doctors.

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