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The Freedom To Care For My Patients And My Family – I Finally Found It

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” 

To this question, 5-year-old Puja’s answer would always be, “A Doctor!”

We’re happy to share yet another inspiring story of one of our youngest HealthPlix Healthcare Heroes!

As a little girl, Dr. Welkar had nurtured the dream of wearing the white coat and the stethoscope. She’d always wanted to be in a profession that would empower her to help and heal the people around her. Her grit and determination helped her pave the way toward her dream. And in 2017, from Puja, she successfully became Dr. Puja Welkar!

Since then, this young doctor has been practicing across multiple cities including Pune, Nasik, Khamgaon, and Aurangabad. 

What does a typical day look like for Dr. Welkar?

As a married Indian woman, life is undoubtedly quite hectic for me. Add to this, my profession as a Doctor – and you will find a woman running all day, dawn to dusk, attending to her patients and her family. While my typical day looks super hectic, I am blessed with a supportive family, especially my partner. 

He understands my role in society as a doctor – my role in delivering care to my patients. My work day is spent in consultation in my OPD clinic. I see approximately 40 patients on a daily basis (in-clinic and online patients together). 

And then by late evening, home beckons; and from a healthcare custodian, I transform into a home custodian  –  taking care of the family!

Though sometimes my day seems like an overwhelming routine, it also feels wholesome and satisfying to be able to manage both sides of my life with equal dedication and finesse. 

What keeps the Doctor motivated to give her best to the patients every day?

Dr. Puja Welkar has a very simple answer to this. 

“My husband. His confidence in my strength as a doctor is my biggest motivation. His belief in me adds to my resolve to give my 100% to my patients. 

I am yet to learn a lot and have a long uphill climb ahead to establish myself as an expert. While it seems strenuous, the happiness of my patients and the encouragement of my husband keeps me moving ahead. 

The doctor maintains a healthy work-life balance – How does she do it?

Dr. Puja Welkar takes a step back to explain how she found the #FreedomToCare for her patients better and also spend quality time with her loved ones.

Dr. Working on her laptop

“Actually my brother, Dr. Jagadish Welkar, introduced me to HealthPlix EMR. A very kind gentleman from the HealthPlix Team guided me to use this digital platform to manage my clinic operations. It was all quite simple, really. 

With HealthPlix I could manage my time better. It enabled me to:

  • Write prescriptions much faster
  • Consult online, even when I am outside the clinic
  • Manage OPD appointments 
  • Automate follow-up reminders
  • Keep track of all patient data
  • Consult patients without worrying about clinic operations

I found using HealthPlix easy right from the demo session. Now it’s practically impossible for me to consult without this EMR. Its mobile EMR version, HealthPlix SPOT is the magic wand that helps me do more with my time and strike a balance between my work and family life!

P.S. Team HealthPlix congratulates Dr. Puja Welkar on winning our Temperature Check Contest held in May 2022. We wish her great success in her healthcare journey!

Do you wish to experience the magic of EMR?

Dr. Puja Welkar
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