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Dr. Vineetranjan Gupta Publishes Research to Spread Awareness on How Post-COVID Syndrome Affects Children

Evidence collected through research confirms that says children of all ages can get COVID-19. However, the incidence increases with increasing age. It is common to believe that the symptoms of COVID-19 are similar in children and adults but Dr. Vineetranjan Gupta has been able to find reasons to believe otherwise.

Dr. Vineetranjan Gupta [MBBS (Distinction), DCH (University Topper), DNB] is a Pediatrician from Surat, Gujarat with experience of 7 years. He is currently practising at a multispeciality hospital in Delhi NCR. He has been treating patients using HealthPlix EMR since April 2021.

Dr. Gupta has published a scientific letter, co-authored with his senior, in the Indian Journal of Pediatrics based on his research on Covid-19 in children. The paper aims to inform how Post-COVID Syndrome (MIS-C) in children has varied symptoms that affect several organs and systems in the body. He wants to spread awareness of the clinical manifestations of this syndrome among the treating clinicians.

He goes on to explain, “The Post-COVID Syndrome in children does not see the virus itself causing any symptoms in the child, mostly there are only mild symptoms. It’s difficult for parents to recognise that the child has a Covid-19 infection. In turn, the antibodies formed to fight the coronavirus infection in the body act against the body’s immune system. This is seen occurring within 21-30 days from the contraction of Covid-19 infection.”

“These antibodies go on to cause multiple symptoms such as fever, septic shock, abdominal discomfort, rash, and even brain infection. It’s a new and unique case. I believe that more doctors should be aware of it, as these are the first few symptoms to watch for and respond to as soon as possible, especially during these critical times of the pandemic.”

He highlights these important points in his study:

  1. It is important to spread awareness of the clinical manifestation of Post Covid Syndrome (MIS-C ) among the treating pediatricians.
  2. Early diagnosis of this disease can decrease the long-term morbidity in patients.
  3. Prompt diagnosis as per the WHO guidelines and institution of appropriate therapy is the key to favourable outcomes in this disease.

He explained the role of HealthPlix EMR in this finding, “I noticed the patient complaints through HealthPlix EMR and diagnosed them based on their reported symptoms. This helped in the timely management of the disease and prevented further complications from arising. I was able to treat these patients at an early stage, avoiding any delays.” 

He adds, “Without a platform like HealthPlix, it is difficult to extend healthcare during unforeseen times and circumstances. We saw that people were afraid to go to hospitals and see a doctor during spikes in covid cases creating a barrier between patients and doctors’ healthcare delivery. But HealthPlix has decreased that barrier and increased the connectivity between patients and doctors. Now, patients can contact any doctor who is on HealthPlix including me anytime, anywhere. I thank HealthPlix for that. Even when I am away from my hometown practising in Delhi, I can still consult with the patients in my town because I can carry HealthPlix with me anywhere I travel to. It is also very user friendly.”

Dr. Vineetranjan Gupta is one such doctor who swiftly learned, responded, and adapted to the pandemic.

“I am a pediatrician by profession but when covid struck, I made it my mission to assist everyone, regardless of their age. As a result, I was consulting patients from everywhere. It didn’t stop me from trying to help people who were fighting the virus.”

We at HealthPlix are delighted to be a part of doctor-patient journeys and bridging the gap between doctor and patient connectivity. We are happy to play our part in improving healthcare outcomes. We congratulate Dr. Vineetranjan Gupta, who worked relentlessly during the outbreak and produced indisputable outcomes. His efforts to uncover more information about the behaviour of Covid-19 in children will surely help many pediatricians, especially when there is limited study in this area at present.

The views, information, or opinions expressed during the series are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of HealthPlix and its employees.


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