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Fighting antibiotic resistance with EMR: Insights from Dr. Arpit Saha, Infectious Disease Specialist

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Get ready to be inspired by the remarkable story of a true warrior in the field of medicine.

Dr. Arpit Saha, a renowned Microbiologist and Infectious Disease Specialist, has been pushing the boundaries of medical science with his groundbreaking work shaping the future of healthcare.

His remarkable contributions to the field have earned him accolades and recognition, cementing his status as a true inspiration for aspiring medical professionals worldwide.

In a recent interview, Dr Saha shared his insights on his innovative work in researching and treating infectious diseases, revealing some of the unique cases he’s tackled and the critical role that EMR (Electronic Medical Records) plays in his practice.

Dr. Saha’s work is driven by his passionate commitment to addressing the alarming issue of antibiotic resistance in India. He’s witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of antibiotic misuse, leading to skyrocketing resistance rates and could ultimately result in increased mortality rates if left unchecked.

In his recent article, Hypoxic Cases of COVID-19: A Multicentric Retrospective Cohort Study published in the  International Journal of Infectious Disease, Dr. Saha has provided groundbreaking insights into the varying immune responses of COVID-19 patients and the unique challenges of treating critical patients with the right antibiotics.

Dr. Saha also highlighted the importance of record-keeping in medicine and the role of EMR in facilitating accurate data collection for research and improved patient outcomes. He firmly believes that EMR can be a game-changer in treating patients with chronic diseases, particularly in a country like India, where research is lacking.

But Dr. Saha’s impact goes beyond his innovative research and advocacy for record-keeping. He’s also a vocal advocate for educating patients about the responsible use of antibiotics and the need for proper epidemiology and government guidelines for treating infections.

For Dr. Saha, the future of healthcare lies in embracing digitization and choosing a specialty that aligns with one’s interests and patient types. He sees EMR as the key to unlocking the full potential of digitization and advocates EMR support for 14 languages, which will help break down language barriers in healthcare.

Dr. Saha’s inspiring work in microbiology and infectious diseases has already made significant contributions to the field of medicine. As we look to the future, his message to upcoming medical students is clear: be passionate, be innovative, and embrace the power of digitization to revolutionize healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

Dr. Saha is a legendary doctor with a vision- we salute him for his contribution!

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